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3 Simple Ways to Fix DLL Errors

05.16.2015 · Posted in Others

t’s really not that hard to fix DLL errors if you know what caused the problem in the first place.  So why do you get DLL errors in the first place? 

Basically, it happens when you open a software application that needs a particular DLL file to make the application run properly.  When the application tries to open and notices that the required DLL file is missing, it will cause an error to popup and usually keep the application from running any further.

So what causes DLL errors in the first place?  Here are two of the most common reasons…

  • When you uninstalled a software program on your computer, the chances are good that during the uninstall process, the DLL file that is needed by other programs was removed during the uninstall process.
  • The second cause could be… if you just installed a new piece of software, it could’ve overwritten the original DLL file and replaced it with either an older version or a newer version which is not compatible with the software program.

So how do we fix DLL errors?  Well, there’s a couple of easy ways to fix them.  If we use the tips above to find out how they were deleted, we might be able to use the same strategy to fix them.

For example:

  • If you know the problem began to happen after you uninstalled a piece of software from your computer, there’s a good chance if you reinstall that software again, it will replace the DLL file that is deleted.
  • If the DLL error started after you installed a new piece of software, it might help if you remove the new piece of software to see if that fixes the problem.  If that doesn’t fix the DLL error, you might even reinstall the software that you’re having problems getting to work.  When you do this, there’s a good chance that the reinstall process will install the correct DLL file for you.

Now, if none of these steps work for you, there are other solutions you can do, but they can be more technical and time consuming.  The best option at this point is to look at getting PC repair software.  One of the best ones to get is a Windows registry cleaner.

The reason these software applications are great, is not only will most of them fix DLL errors, but they’ll also help clean your registry, fix other potential error issues and improve the speed and performance of your computer.  And the best thing is… you don’t need any technical skills.  All of your problems can be fixed with just a click of your mouse.