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A Brief History Of Free Energy – Everything You Need to Know

10.25.2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

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Nikola Tesla Secret is a system that specializes in the production of free energy for your household. By free energy, we mean energy from resources that are prevalent around you, but never realised by you as sources of energy; such as electromagnetic energy from Radio and Television signals, solar and cosmic radiation all around us, and others. Nikola Tesla Secret offers to help you set up equipments based on well researched and proven techniques, in your home; so can generate enough electricity to power your house without having to pay a single penny to your electric company.

Believe it or not, the history of production of free energy goes back to over a hundred years, to the days of the famous scientist and inventor, Nicola Tesla, widely considered by many as the father of electricity. Tesla was the first to discover the true potential of the energy sources around us, and published several articles and owned several patents on the technology. He even built a device that, if produced on a mass scale, would provide free electricity for millions all over the world. But at that time, Tesla was called a dreamer, and his invention was considered impractical, and was suppressed and ignored.

But Tesla’s inventions on free energy could not be kept away from all; and soon there were people who caught on to his vision, and started working on his technology. Over the course of a century, a number of energy enthusiasts from all over the world have devoted countless hours developing and refining technology, and designing devices that generated electricity from energy resources available to everyone for free. Now, more than ever, it has been proven that Tesla was right and his critics were wrong.

If only Tesla’s vision had not been suppressed! The world would have a much cleaner source of energy, and far less pollution and other harmful effects caused by today’s energy generation methods.

Now, over a century after Tesla’s inventions, Nikola Tesla Secret offers you a chance to bring to reality, the vision of the great scientist. Nikola Tesla Secret products are very inexpensive and very easy to install. With just a small initial expenditure, you could set up devices that could help you generate more than enough electricity for your household requirements. You no longer have to depend in your electric company, which means you no longer have to pay a single penny to them!


Read more at A Brief History Of Free Energy