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Concrete floors are Dull – Myth Busted

11.26.2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

Dull, boring and uninteresting are the words that come to our mind when we think of concrete floors. But in today’s world where decoration is given much importance, this is no more the truth. The decorative concrete floors have become one of the most sought after flooring types. There are many advantages that are added with concrete flooring.

Being very durable as well as inexpensive, concrete has become a popular flooring option for garage floors, basement floors, warehouse floors as well as office floors. With proper designing techniques, concrete can be made as beautiful as the slate of granite floors. With the availability of colored concrete, manufacturing floors using concrete can be decorated using different colors. Polished concrete is also being extensively for strip mall floors. The long lasting nature of concrete makes it more durable.

The concrete flooring is perfect for school floors as it is not easy to clean those floors and maintain them. Here are some of the methods that can be used to decorate the floors.

– Stamping: In this technique, the concrete poured freshly is stamped to make it look like stone or wood or even other flexible patterns. There are number of patterns to select and once the concrete becomes solid, it can be colored accordingly to give it that perfect look.

– Scoring: Shallow cuts are made with the help of circular straw to create patterns. Different shapes can be made using this technique.

– Stained concrete is also used for the decoration purposes

Caring for these decorative floors is much similar to the ones done for the maintenance of any part of the house. The level of maintenance obviously depends on the usage of the floor. Concrete sealing is important and cleaning the floor regularly will preserve the floor color and it will not look dull. Repairing concrete floors is very easy and requires minimal expenditure.

Although being a great choice, concrete flooring is not for everyone. If you are one those who want a soft rug underfoot, this flooring type is absolutely a big no! Concrete floor can become bit cold if you do have any facility of radiant floor heating which helps in keeping the floor warm. If you want to have natural or industrial appearance, concrete flooring is a cost effective and the best option. So if you are planning to change your flooring then you can consider having the concrete flooring for an entirely new feel and look.

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