Fake iPhone x available on market (Be aware)

Fake iPhone x

The iPhone x which is also known as iPhone 10 will be available on market officially from November 3, 2017. But some novice , claiming that the phone is already available on market.

We the team of iPhone Power User, here that got shocked, so did a quick search and came up with the reality as below.

Actually it is not iPhone x and not even iOS device. It’s a clone of iPhone 10 which is running on Android operating system. A mid-range Android phone look exactly like the iPhone x , which is available on Chinese market.

fake iPhone x available on market

The phone is seen at Hong Kong market . Where a post look like iPhone x was pasted. The phone is name as Symbol 3. We don’t know the exact price but you can buy 3 of this phone with 1 iPhone x price. So you can just imagine the price. The difference between fake iPhone x and the real iPhone x is bezel of the phone. iPhone 10 have black notch Where as this phone have white.

iPhone x clone
iPhone x clone

So, be aware of such fake iPhone device because there are many clone iPhone available in market. Stay in the safe side with us. For more information related to iPhone x , Subscribe to iPhone Power User newsletter.

Source : Engadget