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How to Choose Packers and Movers – Home Shifting Tips

07.31.2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

You know when you have lots of choices in front of you, its obvious you will start wondering how to pick the best among all the options that you have. This scenario is very much applicable to hiring packers and movers.


According to a recent article in the Economic Times, hundreds of small packers and movers companies are mushrooming every year in your city. Its good that there will be more competition and the consumers will be able to save more as they can find movers and packers at very competent rates. But this is also leading to low quality services.


Your goods are very precious and before you handover them to an unknown movers and packers company, you should better spend some time and do your research and pick the best packers and movers company to handle your shifting.


We are going to find out how do we choose best packers and movers for your household goods, car or office shifting. Lets start.


Registration and Certification

Due to low investment and no barrier to start a packers and movers business, new and much smaller companies are coming into play every year. They don’t even register a company and start their business.


So before you take your final call on hiring some one, you must ensure that the company is registered. There are many ways to check that and the most important one is to ask the movers to show you their certificate, trade license and other relevant document.


Also insist on paying by cheque to ensure they have got a business account and that they have an active service tax account number.


Branch Network

Another important aspect to look at is their branch network. Most of the packers and movers companies will have their branch network across major (metro) cities, as that’s where most of the shifting and relocation happen. One have more branches an associate will be better for your shifting.


Mode of Transportation

Check if they have their own fleet or trucks. Smaller players may hire trucks from the market and it impacts the overall cost of your shifting. There is no harm even if the movers and packers is taking truck from the marketplace because during pick season, they may run out of trucks, but it will give you a fair idea of the strength of the company.


Reviews and References

You don’t need to trust every thing that a movers and packers will tell you. You better ask for relevant documents to back their claim. If they say they have done shifting for ‘ABFC bank’ you ask them to connect you with the customer directly so you can check their feedback and experience.


Price and Quality

Overall cost of shifting is important. Yes all of us want to save a few pennies when there is some scope. But then lowest price is not always the best option. Price should be one of the factors to help you take a decision, but this should be the last factor.


Your goods are important and you cannot compromise the safety and timely delivery of your goods. When you have to take a call on overall costs vs. the quality and reliability, go with the later.


To conclude, always evaluate and check everything precisely. Even smaller players could be better because they want to build their brand and thus offering you their services on lowest possible price. But their claims should be verified for safe and smooth shifting of your goods.