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How to Plan and Estimate Costs of a Room Addition

10.12.2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

A Guide for Planning a Room Addition to ensure it is Built to Schedule and Budget

By Mark J. Donovan

Building a room addition is a major endeavor. It is akin to building a small custom home. In some respects it is even more complicated than building a home. To build a room addition not only is excavation and foundation work required, but an entire building has to be constructed and attached to the main home. Moreover, it has to be done in an aesthetic and pleasing way so that it melds smoothly into the existing residential structure. In addition, it has to functionally tie into the main home from a variety of perspectives, including structurally, electrically and plumbing wise.

Room addition costs are another major consideration when contemplating a major home construction project. Estimating room addition costs can be daunting if the construction project is not well planned and documented. It is imperative that complete room addition design plans are generated for costing out building materials and labor. You may want to read this article on estimating home addition costs to help better understand the complete process of costing out a room addition project.

The design plans are also necessary for soliciting home remodeling contractor bids, obtaining building financing, and pulling permits. With a complete set of blue prints you can obtain accurate room addition cost estimates to ensure you can afford the project and obtain the appropriate level of financing.

Building a room addition is also very disruptive to the home and family. The construction of a home addition could take a couple of months or longer. In the process expect constant interruptions in your family life. Even if you are not doing the construction yourself, you’ll still need to make many decisions and interact with the contractors on a daily basis.

In addition, expect many interruptions in your family life during the construction of your home addition.  You’ll have contractors constantly walking around your home, and even in it at times, during the construction. The construction of the addition is also loud, dirty and dusty work. Be prepared for the constant sound of hammers and saws running throughout the day during the addition’s construction. So before deciding on building a room addition be prepared for a high level of inconvenience.

Lastly, make sure it is understood up front if the remodeling contractor that you select will be hiring the sub-contractors directly, e.g. plumbers and electricians, or if you will.

By following these simple guidelines your chances of a successful room addition construction project will be greatly enhanced.

About the Author: Mark Donovan has over 25 years of experience building homes and home additions. For more DIY Home Remodeling and Building needs visit and his website The Home Addition weblog.