iPhone 7 and 6 Price dropped

Everyone wait for the cut off of old iPhone as Apple iPhone are to expensive when launch newly. When new iPhone model is launch in market, the price of old iPhone goes down. But do you know exactly the price cut off happens ? is before the launch of the new iPhone model ? or is it after the launch of the new iPhone model. Well to get a clear idea on this topic, you have to go through this article till the end. This article is applicable for iPhone model but we are specially focusing on the price cut off of the iPhone 7 as new iPhone that is iPhone 8 is about to launch.

The price of iPhone is reduced both before the launch of new iPhone as well after the launch of new iPhone model. The price of previously launch and all other old iPhone price goes down , before Apple introduce their new phone. The price is drop because to clear the stock and make place for the new model. And also the price of old iPhone is drop after week or two weeks of the launch of the new iPhone. The price is reduced or discount is given after the launch of new iPhone is because the demand of the old iPhone is less. As every iPhone lover runs behind new iPhone model , Apple reduces the price of old iPhone in order to mention a demand and sold ratio between new iPhone and old iPhone.

iPhone 7 price drop

Apple is all set to introduce the new iPhone model i.e iPhone 8 on 12 September 2017. Which means iPhone 7 price will see a drop. Not only iPhone 7 but also the price of iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 is likely to see a drop. Big drop of price will be on iPhone 7 as Apple on 12 September launching iPhone 7s and 7s plus alongside iPhone 8. So it is for sure that the launch of iPhone 7s and 7s plus will affect the demand of iPhone 7 and 7 plus.

It is expected that the price of iPhone 7 that is $650 could quickly drop to $550 after the launch of the three new iPhone model that is iPhone 8 , iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus.

iPhone 8 user will get some new and awesome features on iPhone 8 , which includes facial recognition features, Siri on Power button, bezel less display and many more.

iPhone 6 price drop

Gap intelligence data shows that iPhone 6s price remain above $800 on August , 2016 until the iPhone 7 came into market. Once iPhone 7 was launched on market , iPhone 6 price went down to $700 . After two months of the introduction of iPhone 7 , the iPhone 6s price again decline by $50 .

iPhone 7 6 and 5 price dropped
image Credit : Gap Intelligence

Similar price pattern follows for the iPhone 6 . The price of iPhone 6 was on peak till Apple revealed iPhone 6s. Once Apple launched iPhone 6s , the price of iPhone 6 decline by $60 .

As per some analysts , the new iPhone model that is iPhone 8 could cost $1,000 . Which is not officially confirmed yet by Apple. But it is said that $1,000 is for the most basic iPhone 8 and for higher variant , the price may also go high , Which we cannot say now up to how much.