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Make money by submitting articles

09.15.2013 · Posted in Others

Now it is possible to  make Money with the articles which you  submit or Publish.
You just have to open an advertising account  with any of the ad network like  Infolinks,  Chitika, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, Qadabra etc  and Setup the ad code once in your profile page. You can even add popup like ads to your articles from ad networks such as or
The more articles you submit, more will be the traffic to your articles from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc. and you will be able to make a good profit with it.

You can even make your website banner and promote it with the articles. You have to place banner html code in profile page.


How will you make money?
Every time you submit an article, ads or banner will automatically be shown below the title as well as the body of the article, provided you have correctly setup the ad code in your profile page. When the visitors will click on those ads, you will make money.


You have to Copy the generated Ad code or Banner code and implement it in your profile page but first you will have to make an account on largearticle. Click here to know how to make an account

How to implement ad code?

After generating the ad code, next  step is to put the ad code or banner code in your profile page.
Go to your profile page here  
In the Extra Profile Information field paste the ad code and click update profile. 

Congratulations you have successfully setup and completed your first step to make money.
Now whenever you submit an article and your article gets approved, ads or banner will start to show above and below the article. In case of ads whenever your readers click the ads, you will make money or if you use banner code then they will be redirected to your site if you setup the banner to your website. You will have to setup ad code only once and whenever your article gets approved it will be displayed on your articles.

If you have chosen any ad network then you can check earnings on their website ( eg. if you have chosen bidvertiser, clicksor etc then you can check your earnings at there website) .
The more traffic you receive on your articles, more money you will make. There is no limit to how much you can make. If one of your article goes viral then you can bank hard. For that you will have to make interesting and good content.

How to get more traffic?
Click here

How to know that you have successfully setup the ad code?

Write the article and see the preview.
If the ads are there then you have correctly setup everything.
Ads should look like this.

You will earn money when someone clicks on the ads. You can check your earnings by logging into your ad network.
Imagine you have written an article 2 years ago and you are still getting traffic on it and making money with it. That’s the power.
The key to making money here is that your article should be useful, well written  and informative. If it is useful then people will share your article automatically which will result in passive income.

NOTE- We are not responsible for any issue related with your ad network. If your account gets banned then we are not responsible for it. This may happen if you try to click the ads by using proxies to increase the earnings.

If you have any  question then feel free and do not hesitate to ask us using Contact us.