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One Chick’s Experience with the Allay Period Relief Patch

04.07.2013 · Posted in Others

As readers of my blog probably saw, I ran a giveaway a few weeks ago and gave out some Allay Period Relief Patch samples.  Since then I have been blogging a bit about different natural cures for women. It feels good to be doing something to help women with painful periods.  This subject of painful menstruation is something I have felt pretty powerless about throughout my life, so I am happy to be getting out there and doing something proactive.

Anyway I got feedback from one of the women I gave a free patch away to. She had pretty positive results. Here is what she wrote to me:

Thanks Mary, I got my patch in the mail today.  I was surprised what a small device it was. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but when it showed up it was nice to see it fit into a small envelope.   I wasn’t exactly sure how to wear the Allay Patch at first, and I think I may have even put it on backwards when I first tried it. You know, I was in terrible pain when I was trying to figure it out so I am sure that didn’t help my IQ exactly. (-:  Once I got it on right and working it felt really different. I could feel the pulsing on a pretty deep level. At first, I found it distracting and can’t say I really loved the sensation.  I was going to try working at my desk, but I thought it would be better to do something mindless. So I decided to chill out and watch tv, in fact I even had a chick flick ready to go with my monthly woes. I had taped The holiday with Cameron Diaz. As I relaxed with a cup of tea, and my Allay Patch pulsing away, I started to feel much better. Soon I got used to the Allay patches sensation and I forgot I had it on at all. I forgot about my menstrual cramps too, so that is defintiely an achievement!!  I am definitely going to use this again next month. Thanks again, Mary! Allay Frequently Asked Questions