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Tankless Water Heaters—A Popular Pick for Alberta Heater Experts

11.27.2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

Taking a warm shower is definitely a soothing and relaxing experience. Indeed, warm showers have proven benefits for the body, like easing tense muscles and releasing tension. It can also increase oxytocin levels in your body, relieving your stress and anxiety.

Of course, for you to enjoy regular warm showers, you need to have a reliable water heating system. Tank-type heaters are a popular option for many households as they are affordable to install and can be heated by a variety of fuels. Due to the heater’s design, however, your relaxing shower can suddenly turn ice cold when the tank runs out of hot water. If you talk to an Alberta heater companies, they’ll probably recommend a tankless water heater to solve your warm shower needs.

In tankless heaters, cold water passes through a pipe in the system and is heated by gas fuel or electricity, creating a constant stream of hot water. Since the water is only heated on demand, tankless units are comparatively more energy efficient, capable of saving you 8% to 34% on energy costs. In contrast, tank heaters store water that has to be constantly kept hot regardless of whether it is being used or not, resulting in what is called standby heat loss.

Aside from energy savings, tankless water heaters can also save you space. Traditional water heaters that hold 40 to 60 gallons usually measure a lumbering 5 ft. by 2 ft. which can take up a lot of valuable space. On the other hand, tankless water heaters can be as small as 2 ft. by 1 ft. in size. They can even be wall mounted, while other models can be installed outdoors to save even more space.

Still, it must be said that tankless water heating systems require a higher upfront cost than tank-type varieties. The cost is offset, however, by the fact that tankless systems can last up to 20 years, while traditional ones only do 10 to15. Should it break, the parts are easily replaceable, further extending its lifespan. You’ll also be spared from worrying about leaking tanks that can cause water damage and prompt costly home repairs.

Tankless water heaters are proof that comfort, practicality and energy efficiency can all exist side by side. If you want to know more about them, talk to an Alberta heater expert or visit: