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The Many Benefits of Chinese Cupping

09.26.2013 · Posted in Medicine

Chinese cupping is not new, it has been in existence since time immemorial and has been further developed to open the conduits of the body or rather the “Meridians”, indeed cupping has been found to be the best method or way of opening the conduits.  The cup is usually placed on the patient’s skin and left there for a short while; this is aimed at drawing underling tissues by forming blood stasis with which local healing takes effect.


Chinese cupping has been in existence for a long time, it is recorded that the technique was in use in as early as 1,550 B.C. where ancient Egyptians were using cupping therapy, it is believed that the suctions of cups does mobilize blood flow which in turn promotes healing of a number of medical ailments.

How Chinese Cupping works

Cupping does affect the body up to four inches into the body tissues, this in return helps the tissues to release toxins accumulated in the body, it unblocks the colon, activates veins, caterpillars, arteries and the skin. The process massages the bodily tissues, the technique is easy to use and safe, and anyone can learn it and incorporate it in your day to day health practices. Small glasses cups or bamboo jars act as suction devices, this can be  done by  swabbing alcohol onto the cups bottom, lighting it and putting it on one’s skin, gliding of the cups is done on the skin for desired results.
Today plastic cups have come into the market that are much easier to use and can be used by a patient for home treatment.

Types of Chinese Cupping/ Types of Cupping Therapy

Chinese cupping comes in a number of ways among which include dry cupping which is for suctions only and wet cupping which involves a combination of both suctions and controlled medicinal bleeding. In both cases a flammable substance such as paper or alcohol is placed in a cup and set on fire and after it burns our the cup placed upside down on the patients skin, on cooling the cup creates a vacuum that makes the skin rise and redden due to expansion of blood vessels, it is then left for five to ten minutes.

Benefits of Chinese Cupping

Chinese cupping is good for the lungs and other body parts, this is because cupping looses body muscles and encourages the flow of blood on one’s body, and on the other hand cupping has been known to sedate the nervous system.

Chinese cupping has been found to be useful in the relief of back and neck pains. The technique also helps in dealing with migraines and fatigue too. It has also been known to clear congestion brought about by common colds and as well controlling ones asthma. In the ancient times the technique was used in curing pulmonary tuberculosis making it without a doubt a good practice whether it used alone or combined with acupuncture its benefits are good enough for anyone suffering from simple ailments to even the more complicated ones.

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