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THERMAL POWER LAMPS (TDP) from China used in traditional healing approaches

09.01.2013 · Posted in Medicine

The tdp lamps are far infrared rays’ emitting heating devices that produce an effective and therapeutic effect on patients. They were first discovered in china in 1978. They have from then increasingly being used globally in the field of medicine to treat various conditions and it is believed that millions of its users have been cured by its use.


The tdp lamp is composed of a curing mineral plate that is coated with a combination of minerals that are essential to the body.  These are the minerals that the body uses to repair its health and rebuild it. When this plate is heated to a certain temperature it produces a special band of far- infrared spectrum of 6-25 micron electromagnetic waves with an absorption depth of up to five inches. These electromagnetic waves collide with the radiations of the body making them get absorbed in the body. With the advent in technology, the heating plates are been replaced by the infrared tubes that seem to last longer. These tubes also heat up faster.


The tdp lamp is placed at distance from the area being treated approximately twelve inches. This prevents burning of the patients’ skin. The penetration of these rays deep into the injured or area being treated provides it with the deficient minerals thus quickening its healing. The energy produced by the tdp lamps also increase micro circulation and movement of blood on the area being treated leading to efficient delivery of nutrients, oxygen and also the removal of cellular wastes.

The use of the tdp lamp is said to provide a very comfortable and relaxed feeling which releives one from insomnia. The tdp lamp is used in conjuction with acupuncture practices such as needling to treat various types of conditions such as sore muscles, loer back aches and skin conditions such as psoriasis. The mineral rays from the tdp lamp also help in the relaxation of muscles that allows for ranges of motion.  The tdp lamp therapy has also been tested in leading to quick healing as the mineral ray elements activate the repair cells in the body which inturn speeds up the healing process. Other conditions treated by the tdp lamp include edema, low metabolism and joint pain.


There are however various types of tdp lamps. Each with a purpose of producing a therapeutic value. They all emit far infrared rays but with different emission ranges. For you to know how effective a tdp lamp is, you only need to know the 85% micron range it emits. If the lamp emits an 85% range that is closer to 9.4 then the more effective and therapeutic the lamp is. The other differences in the lamps only depend on the preferences of the practitioners and how the lamp is going to be used.