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Top 5 Craziest things Mario Balotelli has done

08.30.2013 · Posted in Hobbies

Crazy things Balotelli has done

Top 5 crazy things Mario Balotelli has done
5: Visited a local college just to use their toilets.
He stopped at a local high school, used the bathroom and left (January 2012)
Aswell as randomly entering a college and using their toilets, he also walked around campus chatting with the students. The rest of this list gets even crazier. Also the above image is photoshopped for anyone who thought it was real.
4.Tried to showboat during a game and failed miserably

In a pre-season match against LA galaxy Balotelli tried to backheel the ball past the LA Galaxy keeper and into the net but he failed miserably. Mancini was furious with him and immediately subbed him. Some people say that a fan blew on a whistle and Balotelli mistook this for offside but I think this was just Balotelli being his usual cocky self. Even if he did pull of the trick he would be critisized for being disrespectful towards LA Galaxy by not taking them seriously. Only a few players would be crazy enough to do something like that.

3. Walked into a womens prison
He was caught trespassing at a women's prison in Italy (October 2010)
 Him and his brother one day decided to check out an all womens prison so they did. They drove right in but of course you can’t do that in a prison and they were stopped by the police. After the incident, he said that he had asked his brother: ” Do you want to see a prison?” and then they just decided to go in.
2. Randomly Gave £1000 to a homeless person
Balotelli was feeling in a charitable mood after winning £25000 at a local casino so he decided to give a homeless man £1000. Thats as random as it gets.
1.Confronted a bully who was bullying a little boy
After training a little boy asked him for his autograph. Balotelli then asked him why he wasn’t in school to which the little boy replied he was being bullied. Balotelli then drove the little boy and his mother to the school and confronted the bully. The little boy and the bully then shook hands and then Balotelli drove off. C’mon thats as bad-ass it gets
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