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Types of medications for IBD cure

06.12.2015 · Posted in HEALTH FITNESS AND DISEASES

Prior to recommending surgical procedures to remove the affected area of the body, medications like anti-TNF drugs and biologics therapies are the preliminary treatment method to curb IBD signs and inflammation. Given below are the five basic medications that are widely recommended during IBD treatments, and are harmless, effective, simple to administer, and reasonably priced:

Aminosalicylates contain 5-amonosalysiclic acid, and can be given orally or rectally, to help body control inflammation and other IBD signs. They help treat mild-to-moderate IBD conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, along with preventing relapses. Aminosalicylates can also help maintain remission for longer timespan

Corticosteroids is one of the powerful and fast acting anti-inflammatory drug for IBD treatment. In addition to curbing IBD related inflammation, corticosteroids are immunosuppressive and significantly reduce the activity of the immune system, the reason why it is not recommended for a longer time-span, but suggested for a short-term use, in order to help IBD patients achieve and maintain remission, even from acute stages. However, they cannot prevent flare-ups, the reason why they cannot be used for maintenance treatments.

Immunomodulators help modulate the actions of the immune system, and decrease inflammatory responses, thus taming an overactive immune system.

Antibiotics are used as the preliminary treatment methods to combat infections agents that are believed to be the causative factors of the disease

Biologics therapies are the most advanced and the utmost guaranteed IBD treatment method. They include genetically engineered drugs that are scientifically prepared from living organisms as well as their products such as genes, proteins, and antibodies. Biologics works with the inflammatory response and focus the affected area of the body. It has to be noted that biologics are not drugs but proteins or antibodies that are developed to deliver targeted action on certain other proteins that trigger gastrointestinal inflammation.

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