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What DIY Bed Bug Removal Methods Work?

05.24.2014 · Posted in Home Improvement

Many kinds of pests will make people shake & cower, but bed bugs are at the top of that list. These tiny little creatures are nothing short of terrifying, and these days, they are more common than you ever could have imagined.

Nearly every pest control professional across the nation has encountered a bed bug infestation these days, and many are looking for the most advanced technology available to help deal with these little critters. If you’re concerned you may have a bed bug infestation on your hands, your best bet is to contact a professional immediately. Some, though, look to DIY removal methods. Here are just a few.

Bed Bug Sprays: You can often find various bed bug sprays online. They’re made from a variety of chemicals or other natural ingredients, and the idea behind this method is that you’ll simply apply the spray, and the bed bugs will disappear.

Bed Bug Bombs: Like other insect bombs, the idea here is that you leave the room, and it’s on a time delay. It then saturates the area with a high concentration of chemicals, killing absolutely every pest in its path, including bed bugs. These can actually be very dangerous, though, so reading the instructions is a must if you plan to actually try this. They’re quite flammable and can result in serious physical injury.

Bed Bug Traps: There are literally hundreds of products out there marketing themselves as bed bug traps. From those that go under the four corners of your bed to those you place here, there, and everywhere in your home, you can find all sorts of traps. Most have a bait system of some type that usually works using pheromones or other scents that will attract bed bugs. In some cases, you’ll need to plug in them into the wall. In other cases, no power source is needed.

Ultrasonic Devices: These aren’t just marketed to those worried about bed bugs, but to those worried about the pest population as a whole. The theory here is fairly sound. The idea is that you plug in a device that emits ultrasonic waves. Because many pests, including bed bugs, are sensitive to those waves while humans are not, the pests won’t want to invade. They come in all shapes and sizes, and most recommend you plug them in anywhere bed bugs might invade.

Wondering if any of them work? Put simply, nope! There just aren’t any DIY methods that help to actually eliminate bed bugs from your home. Instead, they may drive the bed bugs into hiding for some time, but they are certain to return as soon as they get hungry. Your single best bet in the world of bed bug management is to look for the help of a certified professional exterminator to keep them out of your home forever.

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