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Why Should You Stop Using A Free Antivirus Software?

05.16.2015 · Posted in Others

Norton antivirus is one of the many systems, which you can choose to purchase for your computer. However, there are also several free software options for you to choose. Therefore, you need to consider your needs, and budget before you select the antivirus to download. The antivirus that you choose will need to detect and delete malware, Trojans and worms.

You will want to ensure that you select a top quality system, regardless of whether you pay for the program, or download it free. Norton offers several different features, which you will not receive with the free antivirus software. Phishing scams are automatically caught with Norton, which can ensure that your computer remains protected.

Norton antivirus systems have been tested extensively to ensure that they deliver the results that you are promised. Your level of protection with this system is high, and will ensure that your information remains secure. However, there are some free antivirus systems, which offer an equal level of protection.

Installation and ease of use is incredibly important when you are searching for the best antivirus to use on your computer. You want a system that is straightforward, and easy to navigate when you need to scan your computer. Norton is incredibly easy to install, however, can be extremely difficult to remove. You will find that if you decide to remove this antivirus, it can be time consuming and very difficult.

Many people feel that the free antivirus options will not provide you with as many features as Norton antivirus. However, you may be pleasantly surprised at the level of features that the systems provide you. Norton antivirus will take the features to the next level, and can provide you with scanning systems for your social networking sites and detect all threats as they appear.

Once you have assessed all of the different options that you have available, you can decide which antivirus is better for your needs. Some people prefer the free antivirus options; however, other people regard them as not enough protection. We would recommend you to go with Norton Antivirus 2012 and with our Norton Coupons you save  get additional discount with cheaper price, there is no lunch both free and good, right?

When you hear the words “Symantec” and “Norton”, you will most probably think of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security, which are two of the most popular Norton products as they have been around for more than a decade. Norton AntiVirus has been around since the MS-DOS days. It wasn’t until year 2000 when Norton decided to go beyond virus protection in order to compete with other companies that are trying to provide “all-in-one” security solutions to computer users. The idea is to provide all of the security functions in a single product and make them all accessible in a friendly control panel. This can already give you an idea on the difference between Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security.

Norton AntiVirus still exists today as a standalone virus scanner because there are people that cannot afford security applications. Some users may not even need the enhanced features if the only activities that they do involve surfing the net and opening files from flash drives. Norton AntiVirus is actually enough to prevent viruses from entering the computer as long as you keep the software up-to-date. It is not a free product though so you have to pay $39.99 for a license. Fortunately, this virus scanner performs better than free virus scanners.

Norton Internet Security costs twice as much as Norton AntiVirus but it has so many additional features that make the program geared more towards power users and business users. People that have lots of sensitive data that need protection can take advantage of the enhanced real-time features that Norton Internet Security provides. The identity protection features that are not present in Norton AntiVirus can be really helpful if you frequently purchase things online or log into your online bank accounts. Norton Internet Security also provides more features than the standard parental control features that Windows provides. You can keep track of your kids’ online activity so you can block access to certain websites if you do not want them to go there.0

Combined with the enhanced firewall and spam-blocking features, Norton Internet Security is simply a better product because all of the features found in Norton AntiVirus are present in Norton Internet Security as well. No matter which product you decide to go with, remember to use our Norton coupon code to get additional discount with best price.