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3 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

05.16.2015 · Posted in Society

Getting a divorce is never easy – it’s messy and difficult for all parties involved. While there are couples who divorce amicably and divide their assets peacefully, in reality, such divorces are far and few in between.

If there’s joint property or children, it makes the divorce more painful and hard for both partners. This is why hiring a family law attorney or divorce lawyer is recommended. A good lawyer has a firm grasp on family law and understands the loopholes needed to jump through to get their clients exactly what they want. This can be particularly beneficial when dealing with an abusive spouse.

Listed below are three situations where hiring a divorce attorney might turn the case in your favor.

Custody Issues

Custody battles can get ugly when both parents want primary custody of the kids. You could be the best mom or dad in the world, someone who earns a seven figure salary and can provide the best facilities available for the kids, when it comes to custody issues, the kind of lawyer you hire matters the most.

A good divorce lawyer will do everything possible to get their clients primary custody by working deals with the other party’s lawyer or by making a fool proof case in court.

Property Related Problems

When couples have joint ownership of property, getting a divorce can become hard when neither one of them are willing to forfeit their share. The two options available in this situation are selling the property and splitting the income in half, or being the better person and giving up your share. The latter can be impossible to do.

This is where a family law attorney comes in. For couples who want a quick divorce, sorting issues amicably is a prime need. A good lawyer can simplify matters and help finalize the divorce quickly.

Stubborn Spouse

Stubborn spouses aren’t just seen on reality TV, they are a part of our society. Divorcing a stubborn partner can be a mentally and emotionally nerve wracking experience. They will fight you on everything, no matter how small the matter is. It is not worth it.

Hire a skilled divorce lawyer and let them figure out how to solve the matter. They have the skills and experience needed to do this properly. If it’s a particularly difficult partner that you’re divorcing, you can choose the attorney to represent you and not have to meet your partner at all.

The author has been a practicing family law attorney for more than two decades, with several of his articles being published in leading law journals around the world. Click Here now!