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3 Ways to Find a DUI Attorney

05.16.2015 · Posted in Society

DUI and DWI are a serious offense. Each state has limits on the alcohol concentration over which drivers can get arrested for DUI. While the safest option is to hire a cab or choose a designated driver when out drinking, things may not always go to plan and you might find yourself charged with a DUI.

DWI is also similar to DUI, except a DUI is specifically reserved for situations where the driver has a blood alcohol concentration that is over the state’s limit, or is under the influence of drugs. On the other hand, DWI stands for “driving while impaired”. You can get slapped with a DWI for driving while medicated or sedated.

Whatever the charge, it is advisable to hire a DUI defense attorney when such a situation arises. Because the DUI law is complicated, a skilled defense lawyer can help in getting a reduced charge, or a reduced sentence in case of a repeat offense.

Here are three ways to find a DUI defense attorney or DWI lawyer –

Word of Mouth

A word of mouth reference is the best option for DUI/DWI. If a friend, colleague, or acquaintance has hired a drunk driving attorney in the past, speak to them and explain your situation. Ask them details about their case and ascertain if the lawyer was able to get them a reduced charge. If this person was successful in contesting their case, make an appointment to speak with the attorney.

Online Forums

If you’d rather keep your DUI offense a private matter, there are quite a few online forums that discuss DUI law and cases. Visit these forums as an anonymous user, read the posts, and understand the law.

Look for posts made by people in your area to see if they have recommended any DUI defense attorneys, read reviews of the attorneys, and speak with them directly.

Internet Search Engines

If all else fails, the internet is a fool proof way to find DWI lawyers. A simple Google search will provide you with listings of attorneys in your area. Cull the list to find lawyers that specifically handle cases that are similar to yours.

A well designed website is a giveaway to the financial situation of the lawyer. This is an important consideration because it implies a higher success rate of the lawyer, and possibly a good relationship with the presiding judge, which is important in getting a reduced charge.

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