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5 Things to Check When Buying a Saarinen Dining Table

03.23.2014 · Posted in Home Improvement

The iconic design of Saarinen dining table is nice, simple and distinctive. The structural design is clean and built with only two parts such as a round or an oval tabletop, and a glossy tapering round pedestal. The top is usually made from materials like white marble and white fiber glass, and the base is made from lacquered aluminum or abrasion-resistant rilsan finish, or resilient polyurethane enamel coat (in case of platinum base). The designer Eero Saarinen brought forward this clear contemporary design since he wanted to clear up the slum of legs of the artifact, and make a perfectly clean underside.

Later, the design began to grow in popularity and now it’s one of the cutting-edge pedestal fixtures in the world. However, there are a lot of duplicate pieces of the Saarinen dining table available on the market, which would easily deceive customers. To recognize a genuine piece at the store here are 5 important things you need to check.

Check the Top and the Base

The table should have only two parts such as the top and the pedestal base. The top piece can be either laminate, wood veneer, natural granite, or coated or natural marble, whereas the base has to be made of heavy molded aluminum with a coating of rilsan available in three colors such as white, black or platinum. If you found any material of plastic, then it is certainly not a genuine table.

Check the Marble Closely

Have a close look at the marble top whether it is a white marble with gray vein pattern or not. There are many duplicate brands out there who try to copy the pattern but use a cheaper marble. Remember that Arabescato marble is the original one and Carrara marble is considered to be cheaper lower-grade. You would not be able to distinguish between them since they are pretty much similar in look. However, the only difference you can find is Carrara marble has got relatively fuzzier grains.

Check Out the Joint

The area, where both the pedestal and the top join, can reveal the story. Talking about the genuine Saarinen dining table, you would not be able to see any screws between the two pieces. It is because the top surface uses only one thread to screw down onto the top of the base.

Examine the Measurement Accurately

Use a tape measure and measure the entire dining table. As far as the standard measurement is concerned, the total dining table including the base and the top should come 28 ¼ inches high. The round top measures 5 different diameters such as 35 ¾ inches, 42 ½ inches, 47 ¼ inches, 54 inches and 60 inches. Similarly if it is an oval dining table, the top (at the two widest points) should measure either 78 inches by 47 ¾ inches or 96 inches by 54 inches.

Check the Eero Saarinen Signature

You can look at the underside of the top piece if the Eero Saarinen’s signature is inscribed there. The signature is a chrome plaque that includes “Knoll Studio” with the year 1956. The duplicate pieces have got similar sort of inscriptions but they advert it as “Saarinen style” or “Knoll style”.

If you found the table failed to meet one or all of the above criteria, then be sure it’s a fake one.

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