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Adhesives That Are Most Vital For Your Home

09.04.2013 · Posted in Beauty, Fashion Accessories

You need adhesives to hold beads and other elements of the jewelry in place as well as to cover knots so they do not slip open. You will need crafting glue known as E6000 as well as others that are very strong. Children may be able to use school glue or glue sticks, but that should not be trusted for jewelry that you are actually going to wear out of the house.


Dazzle-Tac is extra strong, lasting glue for semi-precious stones, beads, base metals, mosaics, bone, mirrors, glass, wire, & more. It has handy nozzle tip for exact and easy application. It boasts advanced impact resistant formula so that stones and findings linger. This glue quickly grabs for instant hold; always flexible and by no means brittle. It also features water proof and UV resistant for greater durability and dries crystal clear.


Fabri-Tac is permanent, fast grab, quick drying, crystal clear, and washable. It can be applied on

fabric, pearls, wood, lace, suede, leather, tile, felt, & gems (except for those with a silver coating on back) plaster, trims, hats, canvas, glass, ribbons, & many more. This is excellent for household and yard projects and repairs. This glue doesn’t stain or soak into fabrics. It can be used for seams, hems, and other clothing repairs. Prevents fraying and maintains its strength through countless washings.

This glue is perfect for creating dolls, stuffed animals, pillows, wreaths, picture frames, dried floral arrangements, ornaments, gift and jewelry boxes, bridal headpieces, upholstery, drapes, lampshades, handbags, shoes, party favors, and many other projects.


Gem-Tac is a permanent, non-toxic, water-based, and washable item. It can be used to attach gems, rhinestones, mirrors, pearls and other embellishments to many materials. This glue is perfect for slick to absorbent surface uses.  This adhesive can be used for bonding lace, trims, and ornamental wire to leather, wood, glass, ceramics, fabrics, patent leather, vinyl, and more. It calls for only a small quantity to hold and dries clear. You can make wonderful wearables, home décor, gifts, and also for general household repairs.

Jon Abrahum is a popular blogger who has written many blogs and articles on the Gem-Tac. He basically focuses on Fabri-Tac.