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Advantages of Buying a Newly Constructed House

09.30.2015 · Posted in Home and family


Buying a home is always a difficult proposition, more so when buying a house for the first time. There are so many factors to consider, including price, long term benefits, suitability etc. One common factor for debate is always whether one should buy a previously owned home or a newly constructed one. Whilst previously owned homes are quite popular as they are often cheaper, buying a newly constructed house may prove to save a lot of expenses in the future. Read further to know more.

Customized Homes

It’s not often that you come across a previously owned home built according to your likings. Previous owners have their own individual sense of style and undoing that may cost you a lot of money on renovations. You don’t have to be stuck in the same predicament when buying a newly constructed home. Most builders welcome buyer participation whilst designing homes and apartments. This allows the buyers to put in their valuable inputs and customize the property they will be moving in to. Big and small details like exterior and interior color of paint, flooring, bathroom fittings and tiles can all be picked out by the buyer. This is simply not possible when buying an old home.

Safety Codes and Regulations

Most civic bodies upgrade their safety codes and regulations for building and homes every few years. Unfortunately not many old homes are up to date with these regulations. You wouldn’t want to end up buying an old home that doesn’t meet safety regulations as this not only makes you liable for fines and penalties but also means endangering your family. This could also result in a lot of money spent righting wrongs.

Energy Efficiency

Modern homes are built keeping in mind the newest energy efficiency standards. According to most builders, apartments and homes are built keeping in mind the need for natural light, the use of air conditioning and heating systems. For example builders today are known to use specialized doors and windows that prevent cold air during summers or hot air during winters from escaping the confines of the house and in turn keeping you comfortable in all seasons as well as saving your electricity bills.

Non Toxic Building Materials

Most new homes are built keeping in mind certain health standards. Over the course of the last decade building materials such as asbestos have been proven to be quite dangerous and harmful. New age builders build homes keeping these health standards in mind.

Less Money spent on Repairs and Renovation

It’s almost often that the new owners of a previously owned house have to spend a lot of money on renovations and repairs. Customizing the home according to one’s own preferences is generally just the beginning. After a few years of living in the home, the new owners may come across common problems that are the result of wear and tear that takes place in an old home. Flaky paint on the walls, dampness, wooden paneling that needs replacing, rewiring etc are just some of the common issues. All of this can be avoided for a long time when buying a new house.

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