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Android Application- New Generation Operating System


Android application is revolution in mobile world, this is simple and easy to use. Smart phone based on Android operating system is extremely popular across the globe. It is open source development so developers don’t need to shell out any authentication fee for its development.

Why Android is called new generation operating system?

The open source framed works enable developer to develop some amazing app like games, dictionary, books and many more to fulfill the needs of customer. You can download various applications from Google play store and for this you don’t need to pay any additional cost. You can say that this is new generation operating system because

• To develop the customized application like mobile games and many other projects this operating system is used.

• It runs on Linux with Java language.

• This offers a flexible environment with Java IDES to develop application.

• You can adjust this application in two and three dimension graphics library based on GIES

Some Important features associated with Android

• The development is complex and its success depends on implementation of the applications, depends on development approach.

• This is featured with simple usage of tool, large memory space, excellent performance, high profile development, environment supports, audio, video and image format.

Present scenario of Android application development in India

India don’t need any identity when matter comes to development of software India is known as software super power in the globe. Android application is extremely popular here. You can say that, Android is king in India and it is number one choice among people.

In mobile development arena Android become an important operating system and highly desired by developers. This is high time, when you can hire Android developer to add some extra feature in the application. There are many Android development companies in India, so to select the best one is tough task.

India is the best market in the world for Android application development. Developers are hired direct from leading engineering colleges across the country. After that to handle the latest technologies and methodologies they get complete training and assistance. Skilled professionals handle complex development project. These developers has vital role in application development, they leave no stone unturned to deliver the best result. The application development include maintenance, business, entertainment, weather, games and multimedia. The developer must have creative skill, vast technical knowledge, and strong technical base to develop these kinds of apps.

Skilled developer has range of opportunities, they play prime role in app development as well as in mobile website . Due to rapid growth of mobile business skilled developer are highly in demand. Many companies hire them on project or part time basis, but now companies are hiring them on full time basis. Freelancer developers work hard to deliver the best application. Android developers always updated with latest language, this is biggest advantage associated with them. They have extensive knowledge in enterprise software development in Java, .Net and .Asp.

Synopsis- Android is not only famous in India rather it is extremely popular across the globe. Affordable price and special application stand out this from rest.