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Benefits of Custom PHP Web Application Development

12.09.2015 · Posted in Programming & Coding

Any website always forms an integral part for the business because the website can only help to make the online presence of the business to get potential customers. Business owners are now willing to develop dynamic as well robust website with the help of the PHP and MYSQL. This is an overall good database management system that allows storing, extracting and modifying any information of your database.

PHP web development without any doubt is a strong and popular scripting language which is used to create dynamic and interactive website. Most of the business websites created with the base of PHP development tools due to its usability, high function and lots of features.

According to the recent research and statistics most of the major companies has created their website based on the PHP like Facebook and Wikipedia also use this language to create their website. About 35% of website traffic has been handled by the PHP. The main reason of choosing PHP as a development of the website is because of its simplicity. PHP web app programming has captured this market from the past few years and thus it is much more stable and large development community is present to extend their hands for help whenever you need. You can also find many open source content for PHP programs like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla etc. which will help you easily to create your online store with boundless products.

Some of the benefits of PHP: There are various advantages for the server side scripting because it can run on the web server to generate dynamic pages. Mainly dynamic sites are much easier to maintain because it can easily be updates on the server itself.

  1. Dynamic PHP: PHP development is server side scripting, thus it can easily be used to create dynamic pages with the customization features. The user friendly as well as interactive website allows the visitors to freely interact while it is also producing dynamic and very flexible content.
  2. HTML Embedded Codes: PHP web development has the ability to decode HTML and thus there is no separate requirement of coding for it. This property can easily allow incorporating into the code generated by WYSIWYG editors. So, there will be of no need to write every line of HTML in the programming language.
  3. Highly Compatible: While organizations are planning for any cross platform applications, PHP is best suited into it. It is also compatible with the most prominent Web servers and operating system too. The PHP script can also be run easily on Linux, Solaris, Windows and it will also support the server like IIS, iPlanet, Apache and more.
  4. Ecommerce Development: There are wide ranges of extensions and libraries are available on the PHP which helps to extend any core functionality of the website. Even the source code can also be modified.
  5. Security: This platform has been preferred by the business organizations as it offers the security and also prevents cyber attacks. The hacker proof website can easily be created by the developers with the help of the PHP web development.