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Buying a Car in Washington – What if I don’t have money for Down Payment?

12.09.2015 · Posted in Loan

After thorough research, you have chosen your favorite car. You are ready to buy the car, but have you thought about making down payment?

Is making Down Payment Compulsory while buying a Car in Washington?

It is not compulsory but it is advisable to make down payment of at least 20% of the new car’s value. Experts suggest making down payment because of the following reasons:

1. It will help you in obtaining Washington auto loan at favorable terms.

2. It will make your monthly payments affordable.

3. It will decrease the chances of finding yourself in an “upside down” auto loan situation.

How to buy a Car without making Down Payment?

New cars are getting costlier with each passing day. An average new car costs $33,560in Washington. And, 20% of the new car price is $6712. It is difficult for a Washingtonian car buyer, with an average gross monthly income of $5114, to pay such a large amount to the dealer.

Instead of spending such a large amount on down payment, you can opt for no down payment auto loan program in Washington. In such a loan program, the down payment amount that a car buyer normally pays is structured into the loan.

The benefit of a no down payment auto loan is that you no longer have to obtain expensive personal loans for making down payment.

What is the Need for No Down Payment Auto Loans in Washington?

Washington is considered one of the richest states of America. The state’s average household income is $61,366. It is higher than the national average household income by $7,709. It means Washingtonians earn more in comparison to people of other states. So, why do they need no down payment auto loans?

1. Washingtonians do not have liquid assets to make down payment.

2. Many car buyers do not have a car to trade-in.

3. Manufacturer incentives are not adequate for making down payment.

Are No Down Payment Auto Loans Easily Available in Washington?

There are many online auto financing companies that provide no down payment auto loans in the Washington state. To obtain a loan from them, you have to submit your loan requirements and provide information about your credit history.

You can finish your loan process quickly by submitting the application online. It means you can buy a car without leaving the comfort of your home. Doesn’t it sound comforting? So, do not spend time in visiting banks with stringent lending criteria. Instead, apply with an online auto financing company and obtain instant approval on no down payment auto loans in Washington.

Car Destination is the perfect choice for Washingtonian car buyers. Apply with the no down-payment Washington auto loan specialist and get ready for low rate auto loans. Get in touch today.