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Carpet & Mattress cleaning Dublin: equipments and techniques

05.26.2013 · Posted in Home Improvement

While you may thing it’s important to clean floors, tiles and wash the windows when starting the spring cleaning, you sometimes forget other important tasks, such as cleaning your mattress, upholstery, or carpet. Simple vacuuming won’t do, if you really want a thorough cleaning. Get carpet cleaning Dublin experts’ services for proper cleaning and good care and maintenance.


There are many methods of cleaning, from superficial cleaning ones, such as using vacuum cleaners to extract dust and larger particles from various surfaces, to industrial procedures, usually requiring more heavy machinery and different chemicals, some harsher than others. For a normal household, however, most carpet and mattress cleaning Dublin experts will only use harm-free products; these products have delicate action on fibers and don’t deteriorate mattresses or carpets, while being harmless for our health. Not all of these products can be easily found on the consumer market, so it is better to look for professional carpet cleaning Dublin services if you want to make sure that you do no damage to your goods or health.


In what concerns techniques and equipments, there are multiple choices: for carpets, experts in carpet cleaning Dublin will generally use hot water extractors. This method of cleaning, also called steam cleaning, allows hot pressurized water to soften the fibers of the carpet, which makes shampooing and extraction of dirt much easier. This is how it is done: a cleaning product is generally applied on the carpet, after which the cleaners will brush the carpet and rinse it. A few minutes later, after the cleaning solution has had effect and softened the fibers, the extractor will remove all of the dirt, leaving your carpet clean. Modern equipments use less water than older ones, which means that your carpet can dry in as little as two hours. All carpet cleaning Dublin companies should provide this type of service.


Now, while carpet cleaning requires harsher substances (it depends on the fabrics and specificities of the carpet), with mattresses you should expect greater care. Mattress cleaning Dublin staff knows that only the most delicate of products must be used in cleaning our mattresses. This is because any harsh agent can be toxic for us and can generate affections and even trigger asthma. Mattress cleaning Dublin experts have a few techniques for thoroughly cleaning mattresses, eliminating stains and removing odor.


While cleaning your mattress can be done with household products as well, only professional products and equipments can really guarantee a good result and the elimination of most dangerous agents. The preferred methods used by mattress cleaning Dublin staff are extraction, the applying of antibacterial and anti-allergen treatments and ultraviolet sterilization. These methods have greater efficiency than other traditional cleaning techniques, as they are non-invasive and prevent bacteria from gathering and growing. You’ll see that you will instantly be able to tell the difference. The quality of your sleep will improve and allergic reaction or sneeze attacks will be reduced, because the factors that caused them are eliminated. For a good night’s sleep and excellent health condition, call cleaning professionals.



It’s time for spring clean: mattress cleaning Dublin experts can efficiently and rapidly clean your mattress. Look for specialized carpet cleaning Dublin solutions.