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Securing Mainframe FTP

09.23.2013 · Posted in Software

File Transfer Protocol (FTP), built on client-server architecture, is a standard method for transferring files between hosts over a TCP-based network on different platforms as Unix, Z/OS, AS/400, Windows etc. Mainframe FTP features •z/OS FTP uses get and put commands for downloading and uploading files. •In a Sysplex to share the system’s workload, FTP can ...

Mainframe Encryption

09.23.2013 · Posted in Software

What is it? Increasing security threats leave the unprotected critical data within a mainframe environment vulnerable to security breaches. To avoid these security attacks the stored as well as the transmitted data to and from the mainframe must be protected. Data Encryption, as a solution to this problem, provides privacy and integrity of sensitive data ...

Cryptography on Mainframe Systems

09.20.2013 · Posted in Software

Mainframe system stores critical information of an organization; it communicates and coordinates with numerous devices that are connected to it in a network. Sensitive data of an organization stored in mainframe and flowing to and from it is in danger of external hackers and possibly few disloyal insiders. Under such situations, sharing critical data becomes ...

Certain Precautions For Refilling The Inkjet Cartridge

09.05.2013 · Posted in Hardware

An inkjet cartridge is a replaceable constituent found in the inkjet printers that comprises of ink that is put down onto the paper during the process of printing. Every ink cartridge consists of partitions of ink reservoirs. However, there are certain manufacturers that also add electronic chip or an electronic contact that has the ability ...

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Why IT training is most preferred for the youth today?

09.04.2013 · Posted in Hardware

Science and technology is playing an important role in leading a convenient life in this modern life. Without these technologies, we will fall back to the ages when everything was done with hand without any modern tool. Today, improved technology has brought many devices in doing our work more efficiently in the industries. In offices, ...

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Find out more information about gboxapp

08.30.2013 · Posted in Software

Whether you admit it or not, the Internet has greatly helped every individual that has had access to it in one way or another. Why? Because of the immense amount of information you can download, as well as the tools and applications you can use. Basically, everything that you will need can come from being ...

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Increasing employee engagement

08.29.2013 · Posted in Software

An employee’s engagement in various functions in the organization is directly proportional to his / her performance outcomes. It is a driving force that keeps employees motivated. Research by Gallup and others shows that engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, profitable, and less likely to leave. Not surprisingly, best-performing companies recognize this fact and encourage employee ...

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Managing Small Business with an Efficient Software Solution

08.29.2013 · Posted in Software

In today’s fast-paced and demanding business world, businessowners and Managers are requiring a lot more from HR and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). HRMS helps to manage the globally dispersed workforce, improve human resource processes, and enhance employee satisfaction for greater competence and cost savings across the enterprise.Human Resources Management HRM Software solutions can help ...

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For many of us, life stops when our computer stops. We all depend on computers in a big way in this era of technology. Many people find it difficult to work without a functional computer. Not only do professionals rely on computers but even those who are not working use laptops or computers for searching, ...


Is Cisco certification helpful for network aspirants?

08.29.2013 · Posted in Hardware

Are you thinking of doing a technical course? Nowadays, IT education is being taken by more students for getting expertise required in industry. This expertise is sought by recruiters while selecting the candidate for the post. Actually, it is essential as it teaches the way of doing work in the IT firms practically during the ...

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