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How To Detect A Virus On Your Computer

08.29.2013 · Posted in Hardware

Viruses can disrupt your computer’s processes and affect your data. These days we have virus protection software available to protect our computers. But how do we know if a computer is really affected by a virus or not. According to Austin computer experts modern day virus protection softwares can automatically detect viruses and eliminate them ...

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Common Mac Problems You Should Know About

08.29.2013 · Posted in Hardware

A lot of people these days complain about problems they face with their mac. Most people find these issues frustrating and time wasting. Given the lack of knowledge people have about computers they are left clueless when even a simple problem occurs. According to mac repair Austin experts if you just knew the basics about ...

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EasyLifeApp: The Secret to Online Success

08.24.2013 · Posted in Computer, COMPUTER AND TECHNOLOGY

EasyLifeApp: The Secret to Online Success Easylifeappslideshare profile. The Internet has become a necessity in today’s world. Almost everything that you can do in the real world can practically be done in the virtual universe. It has become a powerful tool that sometimes, it can be too much to handle. So what are you going ...

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08.24.2013 · Posted in Computer, COMPUTER AND TECHNOLOGY, Software

Gboxapp   Gboxapp is an application that is designed to contain different developed tools from the internet into a single box. With this application, you can bring all websites that can fit your most practical daily needs in an accessible and easy-to-use box or location. The developers have designed gboxapp keeping the basic points in ...

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Encrypting Data at Rest

08.22.2013 · Posted in Software

Every enterprise must be concerned about data security whether or not it is data in motion, data in use, or data at rest. The attack on New York City’s twin towers on September 11, 2001 ushered in a whole slew of national and international data security laws and regulations designed to force companies to initiate ...

What is Enterprise Extender?

08.22.2013 · Posted in Software

IBM’s Enterprise Extender Technology (EE) is a simple set of extensions to the existing High Performance Routing (HPR) technology used for encapsulating SNA traffic over IP networks. It’s a standard created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and APPN Implementers’ Workshop (AIW). In this scenario the two backbone networks are SNA network and IP ...

Mainframe SFTP – Overcome Inherent FTP Shortcomings

08.22.2013 · Posted in Software

Interactive computing using the Time Sharing Option (TSO), Batch processing using the Job Entry System (JES) and controlling programs written in Job Control Language (JCL) and UNIX System Services (USS) – the POSIX compatible environment are the three operational environments of z/OS. Among them the first two environments are the core of z/OS and referred ...

Overview of Latest Features for IBM Ported Tools

08.22.2013 · Posted in Software

IBM Ported Tools for z/OS is a program product to deliver applications and tools for z/OS platform and it is supported on z/OS 1.10 and above. OpenSSH is a ported application provided by IBM Ported Tools for z/OS and it provides secure encryption for both remote login and file transfer. The latest features for IBM ...

What is OSA Express?

08.22.2013 · Posted in Software

OSA Express is a family of adapters, which provides direct mainframe-to-network attachment. The clients on the Local Area Networks (LANs) use this integrated hardware feature for direct connections. In ATM, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Fast Ethernet (FENET) and Token Ring(TR) LAN connection the OSA Express features are available. All these features use the IBM Queued Direct ...

5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Business Website

08.21.2013 · Posted in Internet marketing, Software, Webhosting

When it comes to your business, marketing is one important aspect you can’t ignore. Marketing your business allows you to put your company, products and services in front of your target audience in order to make sales.   Most companies have their own tried and true marketing methods that they stick with, and in today’s ...

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