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08.21.2013 · Posted in Software

The core of z/OS, also referred as Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) basically operates in two environments – Time Sharing Option (TSO), which is used for interactive computing and Job Entry System (JES), which is used for Batch processing. In z/OS environment both MVS datasets and UNIX System Services (USS) files are transferred through FTP. To ...

FTP to Mainframe

08.21.2013 · Posted in Software

FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard architecture to transfer files in a TCP-based network on various platforms including z/OS, Unix, AS/400 and Windows. As on any other platform the common Mainframe FTP features are – •For downloading and uploading files get and put commands are used. •To share system’s workload multiple CPUs come ...

Mainframe FTP

08.21.2013 · Posted in Software

File Transfer Protocol is a standard network protocol, which is used for transferring files between two hosts in a TCP/IP-based network. It is widely available across popular platforms like z/OS, UNIX, Windows, Linux etc. Although there are many security issues of FTP on z/OS, there are ways to handle these issues to make it a ...

Encryption Basics

08.21.2013 · Posted in Software

Encryption is a privacy scheme to convert plain text into a non-readable form, called cypher-text, which cannot be understood by the unauthorized users. When the intended user converts the message to its original plain text form to make it understandable, that mechanism is called decryption. With the advent of Internet and widespread usage of online ...

Mainframe Software

08.21.2013 · Posted in Software

The Enterprises working with mainframe systems should have a comprehensive list of the mainframe software available in the market to meet specific needs. Following is a short list of software used in the mainframe environment for serving various purposes: •Batch Management AUTONOM/BATCH A product of UNICOM systems. It’s a menu-driven software, which is used to ...

Mainframe REXX

08.21.2013 · Posted in Software

Basics: The Base Control Program (BCP) or MVS is the z/OS base element, which provides essential operating system services to the mainframe users. Time Sharing Option (TSO), Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) and System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) are few of the commonly available mainframe services. Using TSO the users log into the mainframe. ...

Why You Can Use Doctoantivirus?

08.08.2013 · Posted in Software

The Internet is a great source of information. With just a click of a button you can already find what you are looking for. But aside from useful information, the Internet is also awash with software that can destroy files, and you will not be able to access them when you need to. Files and ...

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Server storage racks

07.31.2013 · Posted in COMPUTER AND TECHNOLOGY, Hardware

Server racks are storage cabinets used to safely store and maintain a server; they can be a vital component in keeping a server operational and functioning at a high level of performance. The server racks can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to support all types of data servers, from large scale ...

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Server Racks to Improve Cooling

07.30.2013 · Posted in Hardware

There are many companies now that are using servers to store large amounts of data these days and with these servers providing file storage and transmission of data comes the risk of overheating and the possible problems that may arise from this. An overheating server can occur when the workload is too much and this ...

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Gboxapp: A Wide Range Of Functions And Features Easy To Use Interface

07.30.2013 · Posted in Software

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single interface for accessing many of the great tools or functions you want to use as you surf the web? Fortunately, it’s possible through Gboxapp, an application designed to offer a comprehensive range of features and functions in an easy-to-use interface. Also known as GadgetBox, Gboxapp is an ...

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