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Choosing the Best Fish Tank

07.31.2013 · Posted in Hobbies, Home and family, Home Improvement, Others, Pets

Choosing the Best Fish Tank
One of the first choices you will make when setting up an aquarium is deciding on the size, shape and type of fish tank. There is a wide variety of options available so that nearly everyone can enjoy an aquarium.
Location Is Key
The best location for a fish tank is in an area that where everyone can enjoy watching the fish. Choose a spot near an outlet so that filters, pumps, lights, and other items can be plugged in without using extension cords. Place it in a spot that is easy to reach so you can change the water regularly without difficulty. Avoid areas near doors, windows, radiators, vents, or other spots with frequent temperature changes.
Measure First Before Buying
Once you have found the perfect spot for your fish tank, measure the area. Keep in mind you will need a stand or cabinet for your aquarium. You do not want to bring your fish tank home only to discover it is two inches too long!
Selecting a Shape and Size
The sky is the limit when choosing the size and shape of your aquarium. Fish tanks can be round, square, rectangular, oval, and so on. Reef Aquariums can even be custom built. Tanks that are wider and shallower allow a greater surface area than tall, thin tanks. A 10 gallon short, rectangular aquarium has a greater surface area than a 10 gallon cube, for instance. This allows more oxygen to diffuse into the water, which fish need. Most fish also prefer to swim in wider tanks over taller ones.
Larger tanks are generally better than smaller ones. The greater the amount of water in an aquarium, the healthier it is for the fish. More water dilutes toxins that can injure or kill fish. However, be aware that a filled fish tank can be very heavy. A 20 gallon tank can weigh over 200 pounds. If you choose a tank over 30 pounds, make sure the floor is sturdy enough to bear the weight. Also, avoid spots that could be damaged by water in case of spills.
Acrylic or Glass?
There are a variety of advantages for glass and acrylic fish tanks. Here are some of the features of glass aquariums like the Jebo fish tanks:
• More scratch-resistant than acrylic
• Less expensive
• Color stays clear over time
• Can be placed on stands that are open or have incomplete tops

Acrylic fish tanks such as the SeaClear Acrylic aquariums have these advantages:
• Lighter
• More impact resistant than glass
• Aquarium walls are thinner
• Less visual distortion than glass
• Can be created in more shapes
Glass and acrylic tanks both can be used for either freshwater or saltwater aquariums.
No matter what kind of aquarium you need, Orange County Aquarium Supplies can help you find the right fish tank for your home or office. Call them today at 1-949-429-8034 or send them your questions using their contact form. With the right aquarium, your fish will have the perfect home.