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Computer Support for Windows Explorer “0x80070057” Error

10.04.2015 · Posted in Computer, Software

While using Windows Explorer, you might get the error “Code 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.” The error may occur if you are using Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2012. In this article, you will read more about this error and learn how to resolve the error with the help of computer support tips….

For an average computer user, resolving the error might become a difficult task. You can refer this article, to learn the troubleshooting steps and then perform those to self-troubleshoot the error. However, if you find these steps difficult to perform, then you must avail online computer repair services.

Understanding the Error

When you use the Windows Explorer to display a user’s “effective access” to a folder or a file located on a file share, you are likely to get this error. The error occurs when the file or folder is located on a 3.0 server product of non-Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB). The chances this error increases, when you enter a folder path such as \\server\share or any other Universal Naming Convention (UNC) folder path. These kinds of paths fail your request. When your request gets failed, you will get the error message “Code 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.

The error has occurred because your request submission got denied as the recipient server returned an SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR structure to your Windows Explorer. The SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR structure contains a NULL Owner field that causes the error.

To prevent the error from occurring next time, you need to update your Windows Explorer. You can update the Windows Explorer by installing updates from Windows Update or Microsoft Download Center. The methods of installing updates are as follows:

Install Updates from Windows Update

From Windows Update, you can download the updates for Windows Explorer. To obtain the update, follow these steps:

• Swipe in from the right edge of your computer’s touch screen.
• Then, tap on ‘Search’ bar.
• In the search box, type ‘Windows Update.’
• Next, tap on ‘Windows Update.’
• It will open a new window.
• Now, on the left pane, click on ‘Check for updates.’
• Then, Windows will look for the latest updates for your computer. It will take some time.
• You might get a message prompting that ‘Optional’ updates are available.
• Here, tap on the message to view the optional updates.
• It will open the ‘Optional Update’ list.
• Now, look for the ‘3041857’ update.
• Finally, tap on that update to get it Installed.

Once you have installed the update, avoid installing the language pack. It is because certain update changes are language-specific. Therefore, if you install the language pack, then there is a possibility that language-specific updates might not get applied to your computer. It will force you to perform the installation process once again.

Get the Update from Microsoft Download Center

To install the updates from Microsoft Download Center, you need to download the following Microsoft support files from the Microsoft Download Center:

• All supported x86-based versions of Windows 8.1
• All supported x64-based versions of Windows Server 2012 R2
• All supported x64-based versions of Windows 8.1

If you don’t know the process of downloading the Microsoft support files, or you are facing any difficulty in downloading the files, then avail online computer repair services from a reputed technical support firms. In that way, you can get the error resolved by expert computer support engineers.


Windows Explorer related error “Code 0x80070057 the parameter is Incorrect” can be resolved by installing the Microsoft released 3041857 update. The process of downloading the update is mentioned above. You can try installing the files on your own by referring these steps. If you are not sure about how to download and install these support files or how to put them into effect, then avail online technical support services from a reliable online tech support firm.

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