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Custom Concierge – More Energy/Day


Who is not busy nowadays? Mom, Dad, Friends, you & me; everyone is overloaded with tones of diverse tasks before we go to sleep. God has made all of us as Jack of all trades, but definitely we are masters of a few. Even then most of us are not able to focus on core skills to become more competent in specific fields and are busy exhausting our energy levels in all other pursuits of life. Custom Concierge can play a great role in each one of our lives; these are tailored services to cater our diverse to-do list. From daily to yearly subscription of services, it promises more energy per day. Custom concierge services make busy people more productive with extra pair of hands. Please note that delegation is the mantra to lead a balanced life before unearthing the role of concierge in life at different levels.

Role of Custom Concierge in Personal Life

An individual can lead a peaceful life at home with personal concierge services; it includes countless services including errand running, laundry services, home cleaning services, pet care services, grocery shopping, event planning, baby sitting, pick & drop services, car rental services, spa & salon treatment services, etc. Concierge does everything mentioned in the to-do list, one has to just handover the list in time to get the things done in right manner; with concierge one can spend a hassle-free life.

Role of Custom Concierge in Professional Lifestyle

These services are mainly provided to corporate houses in order to boost the productivity of employees. The idea is to bring harmony in the professional & personal lives of staff in order to ensure a stress-free environment for them so that they can focus better on their job responsibilities. Besides customized concierge services, there are also ready to use services like travel management, event planning, maintenance & repair services, key date reminders, business support services, customer loyalty programs, employee work-life benefit programs, concert ticket procurement, golfing, VIP nightlife, dependent care , alarm services, recreation adventures & hotel accommodation, etc.

Role of Custom Concierge in Home-away-from-Home Lifestyle

Snow Birds with permanent properties can trust concierge services to take care of their belongings. Such services not only keep owner’s property in shape, but also increase its monetary value. An individual can be at peace of mind irrespective of his position on globe. The custom services include home check-up & maintenance, landscape & gardening services, mail recovery & filing, tenant management, billing services, documentation and other tailored amenities according to specific requirements.