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Dental Hygienist Salary

12.04.2013 · Posted in Dental

With the downfall of the economic crisis it seems as if all jobs are now being paid very poorly. Well, the economic crisis is soon over, and the best proof of this are the high salaries in the dental field. Not only are dentists earning quite a lot, but so are dental hygienists, assistants and even nurses.

Dental hygiene and dentists

Dental hygiene is not for everyone. The field is hard to get into and it does not pay as well as dentists. People often choose dental hygiene if they cannot become dentists. A dental hygienist salary is obvious lower than a dentist salary. The dental field offers many opportunities for both dentists and dental hygienists, as they can both earn quite a lot. Career advancements are also limitless, as both a dentist and a hygienist can specialize in whatever field they see fit. Earning experience in their given fields, they will soon be earning much more than they once did. Working in a dental office also has other benefits, most of which you are aware of. Dental insurance, health insurance and lots and lots of other benefits are given to those who work in the dental field.


Is the dental hygienist salary low?

A dental hygienist salary is nothing to look down at. The average salary reported in 2013 was somewhere around 50 000 US Dollars a year. That is quite an amount for someone who “couldn’t” become a dentist. They also have less work to do, as they are not required to perform surgeries and other dental operations. Dental hygienist merely give advice to their patients and aid them maintain their oral health. They take good care of our teeth and we should be forever thankful for that. Suddenly their high salary starts to make sense, doesn’t it?

Can a dental hygienist surpass a dentist?

The short answer is no. But you know what they say – if you cannot beat them, join them. A dental hygiene can make the switch and become a dentist, if he accumulates enough experience and is willing to make the swap. But does he really need to do this? After all, is it really that bad to be a dental hygienist? I know the dentist salary is sometimes higher, but does that essentially mean that a dental hygienist cannot surpass a dentist?

Well, being a dental hygienist can be a struggle at times. Although they do not perform dental surgeries, they are sometimes required to perform other tasks. A dental hygienist salary is earned with hard work and sweat. Teeth extraction and other menial task are sometimes given to them, and they are required to perform them with ease. If they specialize into a given field, they can even gain enough experience as to be considered dental specialists. When this happens, they will become far less inferior to a dentist than they once were. Not to mention the added benefits and the increase salary they might be seeing, now that they are specialists in a chosen field. A dentist salary does not necessarily have to be higher, as dental hygienist can and will surpass them if they really want to.