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Fight Depression

Life is not perfect. People are even less likely to be

perfect. There is a limit to how much stress or distress in life each one of us

can take. When we fail to achieve  something or get overwhelmed with things beyond

our power we become sad and frustrated, but if the state goes on for years and

we receive no help we can get sick. The state is called depression. Sometimes depression

hits people after they’ve had a traumatic experience. In other cases it is just

a nervous system disorder caused by physical and hereditary factors.

In the root of every recovery process there must be patient’s

awareness and a determination of the cause of depression. We are already

familiar with the symptoms: diminished will to talk or do anything, then there’s

appetite and sleep disorder, change of social behavior, sadness and sometimes

even irritation. A patient may have difficulties in concentrating and making

decisions. Lack of self worth is noticeable. Depressed people think about dying

and they are very likely to harm themselves.

If you found any of your symptoms reading the above passage, the following advice

can hopefully come as your first aid. They say that depression is a gap between

expectation and the reality. No matter how fair or not the conclusion may seem,

it turns out that you must learn to expect less. It is preferable not to expect

anything from other people and in life. Once you take a realistic attitude to life the

world will seem a much crueler place which will require you to grow stronger so that

you are able to face it. In the end you will find that easier than being constantly

disappointed. What happened in the past can not be changed but as long as you are

alive, you can change other things and make the pain go away. So, take off your pink

glasses and take control of your life!

Your pain will subside eventually. Nothing lasts for ever, depression is no exception

to the rule. But also remember that time does not cure by itself. Action is required.

If you are at least aware of your state, you should force yourself to think about the

ways to overcome it. Don’t be shy to ask for help. People have noticed how you feel

anyway. And there must be someone out there who cares. Even if you are really left

alone, there is always a psychiatrist.

Start your recovery process making small steps. Today you can force yourself to eat.

Tomorrow you can persuade yourself to take a bath. Then you can go shopping. And

after you’ve mingled with people you should be ready to make plan s for changing your

lifestyle and your attitude to life.

It is very advisable that you should find some work or a hobby to keep your mind

occupied. Meet new people. Play relaxing cheerful music only! Never look back. Bury

your past, but don’t mourn for ever. Get a pet. And most importantly love yourself every

day. Life is a gift not to be taken for granted.