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Get benefits of offshore hosting at Tronichost

09.04.2013 · Posted in Webhosting

Offshore web hosting can be defined by many ways as per individual’s scope of knowledge but commonly it can be termed as your web hosting service which is located in different country other than you or your business is located for certain reasons. Some of the general motives are local law, good latency, better price and high privacy which fascinate peoples to choose offshore web hosting.

Why offshore hosting?

While stumbling through various forums during my research one common question that many webmaster raised is that why one need offshore hosting, for instance, would if hosting provided from USA is reliable and affordable. But one should know that now days, offshore hosting term is not limited to hosting offered from the different country other than you live but it’s scope is widely expanded. Here is one example that will elaborate my point. In USA, contents like torrent, rapid leech is not allowed to be hosted on the servers located in USA data center but the similar content are allowed to host in many countries from Europe such as Netherlands, hence if USA resident person wants to host similar website he would certainly looks for offshore hosting provider. In other words, people choose offshore hosting to host things which are not illicit or not allowed in their own country.
Normally, barred products, prohibited content, high privacy domains and other related content are also hosted on the offshore hosting servers.

Types of offshore hosting.

Similar to the onshore hosting, an offshore hosting is also divided in different categories such as offshore hosting, offshore reseller hosting, offshore dedicated server, and latest boom offshore cloud hosting. All these product can be defined similarly to onshore hosting for example offshore share hosting is nothing but hosting services where many websites are hosted on one web server while offshore reseller hosting can be termed as the service where account owner has the ability to resell his allotted hard drive and bandwidth to other peoples. An offshore vps is the result of splitting one powerful physical server into many virtual servers.

Benefits of offshore hosting.

There are several benefits of the offshore hosting however it depends on what services you chosen or what company you have bought offshore hosting services from.

1. You can deliver better services to your niche market. For example, let’s say that your company is located in USA while your services are specially targeted for the customer from Europe so hosting your website in USA would not yield that much better performance than hosting in Europe. If you host your website in USA, many users from Europe can face latency thus slow website load time that would certainly decrease your sales. This example is based on actual definition of the offshore hosting i.e. your server being located in the country other than you own.

2. High privacy – Many companies who offers offshore hosting also offers high privacy solution in other word your private information would not be revealed in public. It’s useful if you do not want be target of the spam or in case if you run business that is illegal in your country, you will not face any legal issues.

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