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Hazel Game Can Help Me Relax

10.25.2014 · Posted in Gaming

My eldest son is three years old,he is generally a lovely bubbly and happy little boy and I believe that I am so lucky to have him. He always told me”Mom,I love you! I love you so much”,after that,give me a passionately kiss. At this time, I feel I am the happiest mother in the world! But more often that not,he is screaming when his grandmother goes against his willing.When he cries I just cannot handel it,I get very angry and I have to leave him to go somewhere else in the house to calm my nerves,i even want to give him a lesson by spanking his butt! One of my friends told me that I should take into seeing a therapist or at least seeing a family doctor for an anti-depressant,you know I was very tired,I have to take care of three naughty boys for a whole day!


Baby Hazel in Disney land

Luckily,my sister in law visited my city last weekend,she suggest me select some educational online games (Hazel baby games for example )for my eldest son,in this way,I can do some housework and my eldest son would not stick me and even can learn something from games. Yes,I agree with her ,the parents need pay attention to themselves,too! It is impossible for us to threw ourself to take care of babies day and night,we need relaxation,too!
I played some of  hazel baby games with my husband,you know there are so many games on the internet and most of them are bad,they affect serious mental and physical health and waste time,too. It is terrible for children to indulge a online game,so we selcet games carefully for our children! Fortunatly, I found that Hazel is a cute and polite girl,she will be very happy once you satisfy with her,and she could teach children how to cook ,how to decorate room,how to take care of animal pet,how to bathing for pet,how to dress up a lovely pet…Hazel is so charming ,I believe she will accomany with my eldest son well,and my son would be more happier and I would be a great mom to my boys!