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How to choose offshore hosting Company?

09.04.2013 · Posted in Webhosting

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In order to run successful website, like most other things such as development platform for your website, applications, payment gateway [if eCommerce website] to choose hosting company is one of the most decisive factor for your website. And, it’s rather difficult to choose offshore host than onshore host as you will find tons of reliable onshore host but it’s quite hard to find reliable offshore host. Although, all providers out there advertise tons of great features to attract customer but it’s essential for you to know factors that can affect your website before you buy a hosting services.

Price: – I believe this is the first aspect that everyone looks at but this should not be decisive factor as all cheap hosting providers cannot offer high quality service. If your bread and butter depend on your website you must check other features that web hosting company offers rather than price. As you know, to maintain quality hardware and to employ quality support engineers a company need to spend top dollars, hence it’s obvious that a price for their products will be higher.

If you go for cheaper price, you will certainly get what you pay for. A server performance would either be worst or the support would be worst.

Network: – Network is the most important factor you need to consider before buying a host. You should always check latency from your location to the datacenter. Many companies offer multiple data center location. You can ask for the download files as well as IP address to test ping results. After obtaining ping and download results, you can choose best for you.

Security: – From my experience offshore host is always victim of ddos attack. Hence you need to make sure what your hosting provider offers in order to fend off such attacks. If your website often gets huge attack, you must take necessary steps to keep your website running. If you think, your website can get huge attack in future you need to consider hardware firewall to mitigate ddos attack. You need to make sure if your host offers it.

Money Back guarantee: – You always need to make sure of your host offer money back guarantee. In case host looks promising before you sign up however does not offer as per your expectation, you can always shift to other host and get your money back using money back guarantee. You can get money back guarantee related information on the terms page of your host.

Technical Support: – This one is most important one factor. In case your website goes down for unknown reason, or the server has problem that you cannot fix, round the clock support is really essential. You can reviews by old customers about company’s technical support. Or you can even test quality by asking some technical questions to the staff. You need to make sure support is offer 24×7.

Hosting Features: – Before you buy a hosting service, you must get information about hosting features that your host offers. If you use any application in your website, you need to make sure it’s compatible on host’s server. You can also check what different add-ons or features that your hosting company offers that will be useful to grow your business like email features, database features, programming features, FTP features etc.

DMCA complaints: – If your website offers content that is illegal in certain countries, you need to ask you’re what would be your host’s course of action if they get DMCA complaints? Do they suspend your account right after they receive complaints or do they contact you?

Hardware: – You need to ask all hardware information that a hosting company use. Do they use latest hardware? Use any disk raid array to protect your data? In case hardware fails, what is their replacement guarantee etc?

Backup: – You need to ask your host if they offer offsite backup. It’s always best idea to keep your own offsite backup however if company offers it’s not bad either.

Apart from all these factors, there are many that you can look for to choose best company for your needs.

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