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How to Create a Stained Concrete Floor

10.20.2015 · Posted in HOME BASED BUSINESS

Stained concrete floors are becoming a trend now. Creating one is not very difficult. Here are a few easy steps. To create a stained concrete floor, you will need the following: a tear-resistant deck paint pad of 9 inches length with a handle, a tarp, telescoping rod, broom and hose, concrete stain, a paint pan, a bucket of water, a rag and a 4 inch paint brush.

The first step in creating a stained concrete floor is to choose the color according to the manufacturer’s chart. This will be provided with the stain. The stain options can be chosen according to your wish. Usually, there are options such as semi-transparent and opaque stains. Once you have chosen the stain, start preparing the concrete. The concrete has to be prepared by removing any materials that are stuck to it, and it must be cleaned thoroughly. Allow the concrete to dry for 24 hours. Once the concrete is dry, the stain can be applied. First, the stain must be applied in the boundary and at all seams. Once this is done, the remaining concrete should be covered with the stains. The stain should be poured into the paint pan after placing it on the tarp. The seams should be used as natural divisions, or you can even mark your own divisions if you want to. The staining should be done in small areas, so that any errors can be easily manipulated. The darker stains will appear first and the lighter ones will take effect later.

It is suggested that the concrete staining should be done in low sunlight or even better in shade. This will prevent the quick dry up of the stains, thereby helping to correct any errors whenever necessary. After the staining is complete, allow it to dry without any disturbance. The normal drying time is generally 4 to 5 hours. However, it is advised that you do not place your furniture or any other belongings on the floor as soon as the stain is dried. Once the furniture is dragged on the surface, scratches might occur. If you are not sure about what you are doing, it is better to call an expert to get the job done. A bad stained concrete floor is no good, and it will leave a bad impression, both to the people who stay there, and the visitors, moreover rremoving stain is also not easy.

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