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How to create a website or a blog


Everyday, i use page builder plugin WordPress to improve my website collection.

You have been thinking at this for a while now, and you finally made up your mind. Do you want a website for your business? Or a blog for your thoughts? Well, just follow just few steps in order to make your final decision.

First step

Choose a name and find yourself a domain. Either you decide to use your name in your domain and planning to create a brand, or you are opting for something more on the way of including keywords in your domain name, make sure it is easy to remember and unique.

Second breath

Find yourself a free platform like WordPress and evaluate it in the drag & drop WordPress theme gallery. Choose wisely. Although it is not hard to change a drag and drop WordPress theme, once you have chosen it, you need to create coherent image in the mind of your users. You can’t do that if you change your website or blog theme once a month.

Third thought

Once you have chosen your drag drop WordPress Theme and you are sure that is the theme you want, you need to start customizing it. Work with the structure, put up your logo or motto, and change the colors. Make it yours. Add content and SEO backlinks.

Don’t forget to test your work. Ask a friend or more friends to visit your website or blog and check if the pages are looking okay or if there are no access issues, images errors  or grammar mistakes in your text. If everything is working, you can start advertising your blog or website on social networks and wherever you consider useful and relevant. If you have created a website for your business, don’t forget to mention it on your business cards.

Creating the design

If choosing the right color combination for your website seems difficult to you, this year trends are coming to your rescue. No more complicated color palettes and multiple tones to match, because, among the main trends of 2015,  is designing monochrome websites.

With your brand in mind and the main color that defines your company’s image, you can now design a memorable website with a strong visual connection with your brand. This year, web design means working with tones of the same main color in creating design and content that is both simple and engaging.

If you’re creating a personal blog and you don’t have a visual identity defined to guide you in choosing a predominant color, don’t worry. With a page builder plugin for WordPress, you can test multiple options until you find the right one. And if you already have a website or a blog, you can transform your multi color design into a monochrome one, using  also a plugin for WordPress. When it comes to creating or modifying web pages, this special option makes everything extremely easy and fun.

And if the plugin takes care of the technical part, you will enjoy playing with the colors. For your personal blog, remember that colors have meaning and that meaning becomes even stronger if you are using just one color. So, before deciding to use the first one that comes to mind, or the color that defines your clothing, take some time and think about the message of your blog, what it stands for, who are your readers and what niche do they represent.

For business websites, choosing one to define the design of their website it’s easier because it all usually starts with the logo and the brand identity. 2015 trends brings simplicity in everything and keeps the focus on the value of the content and user experience. So, whatever you choose, remember to take your online client into consideration.


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Everyday, i use page builder plugin WordPress to improve my website collection.