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07.17.2014 · Posted in Product Review

Cycling is generally a popular sport among people of all ages. It provides the opportunity to be outside, enjoying the sun and nature while getting some exercise done. It is also becoming a convenient and affordable option for people who want to get into shape but may not have the time to actually exercise, whether at the gym or at home.

As in all things, safety comes first, and with cycling, helmets are at the top of the list of safety requirements. As a matter of fact, a recent International Bicycle Fund research found that 75% of cycling-related deaths come from head injuries that could have been avoided if the cyclists were wearing helmets.

So for all you cycling enthusiasts, whether you prefer road cycling, mountain biking or time trial cycling, stores in the United Kingdom have Kask helmets sale going on. Just in case you are new to all this, Kask cycle helmets are ranked among the best in the world, endorsed by renowned tri-athletes such as Alessandro Fabian and Michelle Vesterby.

Kask is an Italian company that designs and manufactures safety helmets for everything, be it cycling, skiing, mountaineering and even rescue and safety work. It has a wide range of cycling helmets and even offers standard and custom accessories. The Kask cycle helmets are so good that they have been used by various professional cycling teams such as:

The Dracpac pro team and group

The Team Vanderkitten-Focus

The CyclelivePlus-Zanata UCI Women’s Cycling team

The Barilla Pro Team

The Rapha Condor JLT Team

This year, the helmet manufacturer is among the sponsors of the British Team Sky, exclusively providing them with helmets for both the Tour de France and the Time Trials Cycling.

The Kask helmets UK sales will offer the entire product range of Kask cycle helmets including, among others:








These helmets come in a variety of colors and designs suited for you. Each of these product lines also has a variety of helmets designed around the original product but with various additions and adjustments to meet your performance and design needs. These additions include an inner padding that can be removed and washed, an antibacterial non-slip gel and a light-weight strengthening structure within the frame of the helmets to absorb any impacts.

All the helmets will have the Kask signature double-pivot feature in their design. This ensures a comfortable fit, which is crucial for any helmet, due to the vertical strap adjustment mechanism that will cradle the back of your head. The helmets also provide great ventilation with numerous, deep internal channels that allow air to flow through and in straight lines to enhance your performance.

As part of the cycle helmets sale, current owners of old Kask helmets will be allowed to trade it in for a new Vertigo helmet at a discounted price. The sale will be available in the UK in all sports equipment stores as well as online stores carrying Kask helmets.

This is a limited time offer so make sure to take advantage of it to purchase one of the safest, stylish and effective helmets in the market at an affordable price.

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