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Melting Away the Confusion of Selecting Miniature Plants

10.04.2015 · Posted in Gardening

It often starts with a “deer in the headlights” look on her face when she steps into the greenhouse, then it quickly melts into a confused, disoriented look of concern. How am I going to choose from all these plants? How will I know if the plant I purchased will quit blooming within a week or if it will become overgrown, in my miniature garden, by the middle of the summer? Over the last 20 years I have seen the anxiety of selecting plants happening over and over again.

Both men and women come into the miniature-gardening department at Winter Greenhouse and they become so overwhelmed that I fear some feel dejected right away. “There are so many darn choices,” they say. In general, that is certainly true when it comes to the varieties of regular size garden plants, but it is also true about the choices available when you are shopping for and planting a fairy or miniature garden.

During the summer we give several classes at our Northern Wisconsin greenhouse that address selecting plants for the garden. A common question is, “How do you choose plants and design a miniature garden layout that will be successful?” It isn’t difficult when it comes down to it. Not when you answer some initial questions and follow a few simple guidelines.

Let’s start with a few specifics you need to quiz yourself about:

* Where will this garden be located?
* Will it be inside the house or outside in the ground?
* What kind of sunlight will the miniature garden receive?
* How much time per week do I want to spend working in the garden?
* What is the size of the container?
* If it is in the ground or a landscaped garden, how much space do I have?
* What is the theme of the garden?

When choosing plants for your small space garden there are few things you need to know to ensure you succeed.

* Choose plants which have the same growing requirements.
* Miniature garden accessories are the key focus of your garden, select plants that set off the accessories and make them stand out.
* Consider plants with varying shapes, heights, and colors, so an interesting garden landscape can be created with the elements of contrast.
* Choose plants that will always fit in their designated area.

These are the main concerns that will need to be answered before you start selecting plants. Once you know the details, your choices will be narrowed down considerably.

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