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Mobility Scooters Offer Great Comfort for the Elderly and Disabled for Short Distancve Commuting

05.10.2016 · Posted in Medicine

There are so many people like elders and disabled who lead their lives depending on others. However, it is our responsibility to see that they lead a dignified life with respect and hence there are so many health care products that are developed to offer them more comfort and independence to carry on their lives without the necessity to depend on others for everything. The mobility scooters are such products for those who cannot move around in the huge shopping malls or at the airports offering them the flexibility to carry around the mobility scooters and use them as and when required. There are different models in these mobility scooters which are lightweight, compact and can be easily disassembled if not required. This can be taken to the local supermarkets or other places where you would like to move around in these scooters instead of walking the distances. Based on the model these are available from around Rs 7000 to above Rs 35000 based on its capacity to move the distances and carry the weights.

The mobility scooters generally come as a four wheel version with, just like a scooter appearance, a seat and also the capacity to move even on rough terrains without any problem. They are connected to a battery pack that can be recharged as and when required for the ride. The battery charge based on the model lasts for plus or minus 14km with a speed of 4.25 mph. The height adjustable seat and the ergonomically designed scooters offer great comfort to travel short distances for elderly or disabled who cannot move long distance on walking. Along with these scooters there are wheelchairs for the totally disabled who cannot walk that offers them the freedom to move around without the necessity to depend on others.

Similarly, you can also find other home care and elderly products that are very much useful to lead an independent life. The adjustable beds offer great comfort to the bed ridden as they can be changed to different positions using electric controls. The beds can be positioned for reading or taking food without the necessity to move the patient. Along with these there are also bathroom aid products, sleeping aids, shower aids, patient lifters etc that come to the aid of the care takers making their job easy in handling the elderly or the disabled without any problem.

The stores selling these products also offer hire and rentals of these products for those who need them for temporary usage.


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