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Must Visit Places in Mumbai

12.14.2013 · Posted in Tourist Spots

Mumbai has a mix of everything – from forts, temples to beaches. You will find everything that appeals you no matter what your taste is. There are many places to visit in Mumbai and here are some of them.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India is considered as the starting point in Mumbai for tourists who prefer to see the whole city. The structure is 26m high and is made of yellow basalt stone which has four turrets and some complex latticework. Tourists and the natives usually come to this place in the evening to relax.

Marine Drive

The hurry burry life of Mumbaikars is cooled off by hanging out at the Marine Drive. The orderly line up of the street lamps along the edge of the beach gives it another name – Queen’s Necklace. There are various stalls on the beach which serve the visitors with tasty Chaat, Kulfi and zesty Paan.

Juhu Beach

Juhu is one of the most popular beaches in India. The rich and the famous stays near this beach. The place offers horse and donkey rides for tourists; you can also enjoy many other activities like cricket matches, dancing monkeys etc. here.

Crawford Market

This market in South Mumbai is a great place for shopping. The market sells almost everything and if you are good at bargaining, you can buy things for reasonable prices. The building is worth a visit as its architecture is a combination of Indian and British Style.

Mani Bhawan

Mani Bhawan is a memorial to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. It displays 3-D tableaux of all the important events in Gandhi’s life, Gandhian literature, framed letters and photographs. Gandhi learned how to use the spinning wheel from here. Gandhi’s room, his belongings that include his books, spinning wheel and rope bed are also displayed at Mani Bhawan.

Worli Sea Link

The Sea Link connects Bandra which is in the western suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in the South end. The cable-stay bridge gives an excellent way to cross the channel along with an amazing drive. The bridge and the ocean give an excellent visual treat. A drive through the bridge at day is as amazing as how it would be at night when the whole city is lit up.

Dhobi Ghat

The laundry in Mumbai gets done at this place and it is the world’s largest open-air Laundromat. The area is considered as a huge part of Mumbai’s culture and it is indeed a beautiful place to visit.

Haji Ali Dargah

This mosque is located on a small island near the heart of the city. It is definitely one of the most recognized structures in Mumbai. The structure is not too big, but its cultural architecture is extravagant. On Fridays, musicians play a particular form of devotional music and that adds up to the spiritual atmosphere.

There are many other places too that deserves a visit in Mumbai while the above mentioned ones are never to be missed. The holiday homes in Mumbai make your stay cozier all through your visit.