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Practical Tips on Garage Door Opener Installation

04.07.2013 · Posted in Home and family

A garage door opener is the mechanism used to open and close the garage doors. Without this very significant instrument, the garage door cannot be opened remotely. Of course, together with the garage door remote, just the mere pushing of the button enables the opener to respond to the signals being released. Garage doors would remain a façade of the house without the garage door openers and remotes. These mechanisms have an indispensable tool of the house.

The installation of garage door opener should be carefully done to allow precision. It would usually take half of the day for the installation process to finish. However, if it is just a replacement, it would take a shorter time since the brackets are already there. Whatever the present condition is, whether a new garage door opener will be replaced or merely a replacement, trained professionals are ready to do the job quickly and flawlessly.

Although the installation of the garage door might vary from one to another, the most basic steps remain the same. Most of the difference lies in the parts used depending on the manufacturer as well as the varied techniques in installing the specific garage door opener.

In general, garage door openers are installed using a method called the DIY. Instructions are provided for in the manual accompanied with a specific label on the parts for easier and more precise assembly. One important thing to note is before installing, the garage door has to be in tip-top condition. The working order of the garage door should be good enough to be able to open and close when the openers are already attached. While the installation goes on, the garage door should be lubricated well enough to assist a smooth assembly of parts. The garage door’s spring tension needs to be checked as well to ascertain efficiency and good performance.

Installation of the garage door opener is a systematic process. Therefore, it follows a system, a step-by-step method. Firstly, the process of putting together the entire system of the garage door opener. Since every part has a letter, either stamped or stick-on, this would allow better access to follow instructions clearly and accurately. The instruction manual here becomes the bible – the one that tells which part has to be installed first and which ones should follow next.

Once the process of assembling the rail is completed, it is now the moment to connect the rail to the motor head of the garage door opener. The most crucial step to do is to decipher the most appropriate place for the header mount bracket to be mounted. This facilitates to attach the opener track towards the front wall in the garage. While going through the whole process, safety should be the concern here. Are the studs in place? Are the brackets, attached correctly? If there is uncertainty on the strength of the garage frames, double-check everything first before proceeding to the other steps.

All garage door openers have metal straps which are employed in attaching the opener to the ceiling of the garage. These should be placed at the highest level where no tall person finds it difficult to pass when under the garage door opener, resulting to injuries later. At the same time, one has to make sure that the emergency release cord of the garage door openers can be easily reached by someone who is of a reasonable height in cases of unforeseen events.