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Pros and cons of using microwave oven at home

09.30.2015 · Posted in Home and family

Advantages and disadvantages of Microwave

Most of the people use microwaves in their house for heat the food before eating. Cooking in a microwave is all about a matter of a person’s personal choice. Mostly it uses in the purpose of heating any food quickly. People also use microwave to cook the ready to cook items also in microwaves. In some countries, the microwaves are now are a must have part of the kitchen. It not only enhances the look and class of your kitchen, but it is very useful too. But if you are a regular microwave user, you should know all the Pros and cons of using microwave oven at home.

Advantages of microwaves
It reduces the fear of burning the food. Here you can set the temperature of the microwave. Here you do not need to stand in front of it while cooking. You just need to set the temperature in the microwave and the timing. Else it will do it by itself. It will stop cooking after the timers are off. So the first advantage of having a microwave is it helps you from burning the food.

Another important advantage is it reduces the food cooking time and helps you to do other works along with cooking. Because it has a timer option with temperature adjustment features. It will stop cooking after the time you have set on it.

Microwave foods are considered healthier and better tested than others. It consist all the nutrition and unchanged colours which make is more beautiful and tasty. It cooks the food only till the time it actually needs to be cooked.

In a microwave, we generally put the same plate for heating in which we eat. But in cooking time, we cook in other utensil and eat in a separate plate.

Though the food cooks in a smaller place in microwave, it cooks properly and due to preheat feature, it cooks earlier and quickly too.

Disadvantage of microwave
You cannot cook more much people in a microwave. If you have a party or family get together, then microwave is not the option for cooking. It will take your double time and electricity bill if you want to try to cook in a microwave.

It yields dangerous gas. When you put any metal plate in the microwave for heating your food like plastic, it yields dangerous and poisonous gas, which can prove very bad for your health. So if you have the microwave, then make everyone learn to put the proper plates inside the microwave.

A microwave cannot make any food much crispy. So if you want a perfect crispy and crunchy food, then cook it on oven or fryer.

You cannot use all plates I microwaves. You have to use only those plates which are meant and permitted to use in microwave.
You cannot cook regular, daily delicious foods in a microwave. Every recipe has two versions. One is for cooking in oven another for a microwave. So if you are going to prepare any preparation in the microwave, then you should definitely check if you are cooking in the process meant for the microwave.