Solution for Facetime live photos not saving on iOS 11

Finally here we have some solution/fix for FaceTime live photos not Saving on iOS 11. Many have reported the issue on Apple discussion , MacRumors , Reddit , Twitter etc.

iOS 11 comes with many exciting new features and facetime live photo is one of them. Which means you can capture photos/images while you are on facetime live call on your iPhone.

iOS 11 user reported that when they are on facetime live call and there is an option that allows to take live photos while making facetime live call. But the problem it that once they click on the button to save photo , it shows a prompt message, which says that the photo is taken and save successfully. But when they want that photo, they can’t find it anywhere on their iOS 11 device. It says it is saved but there is no answer where the live photos are saved.

ios 11 facetime live photos not Saving
ios 11 facetime live photos not Saving

Actually the problem is with iOS 11, it can be looked as another bug on iOS 11. Though it gives the prompt message that the photo was save but it is not save anywhere actually. So, here we have some possible solutions to this iOS 11 bug , which might work for you. There is harm in trying below given solutions.

Solution for facetime live photos not saving

Below we have two fix for facetime live photos not Saving on iOS 11 device. Some iOS 11 user tested this two solution and for some it worked. So, give it a try to both the solution and see which one works for you.

Reset Facetime Settings

Sometime it might be the problem in your facetime settings. So you can try resetting the settings. To reset goto Settings>FaceTime>FaceTime Live Photo>tap on, and turn it off and then again turn it on. Doing this will reset your facetime settings on your iOS device and the problem might get solved.

Hard Reset your device

The second solution that we have is hard reset. You can try resetting your iOS device once , which will help all the apps initialize properly. If you are iPhone 8 plus customer , we have already written about iPhone 8 Plus hard reset process.

Note : It’s a bug on iOS 11 so may or may not fix the issue for you. What you can do is wait for the next iOS 11 update. Probably Apple will fix it in their next update.

take facetime live photos on ios 11
take facetime live photos on ios 11

The problem is mainly reported by iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7 plus and even iPhone 8 plus users. Note that facetime live photos feature is available on iPhone 6s and above. Also to use while making facetime video call , you need to turn it on by going to settings. To switch on Facetime Live photos you need to visit the settings app and enter the Facetime option.