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Some Unknown Abortion Statistics

10.17.2014 · Posted in Medicine

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy where a woman either willingly or unwillingly removes the fetus growing inside her. Though many people consider it to be a taboo or look down upon it, the abortion statistics mentioned below show how common abortion has become and how many women are opting for it in recent times.

• In the year 2011, U.S. witnessed 1.06 million abortions. Statistics reveal that since 1973 till 2011, around 53 million legal abortions have been carried out in U.S. alone with the numbers increasingly tremendously if world statistics is taken into consideration.

• In developing countries, the rate of abortion in the year 2008 was around 29 abortions per 100 women who were between the age group of 15-44. However, when developed countries were taken into account, the number dropped to 24 abortions per 100 women in the same year. This revealed that abortions in developing regions are slightly higher than those in developed areas.

• In the U.S., half of the pregnancies which occur amongst the women are completely unintended but around four out of every ten such pregnancy ends in an abortion. Also, every 3 out of 10 women in the U.S. have surely had at least 1 abortion before they reach the age of 45.

• If the statistics since 2003 are seen, we will notice that in developed countries, the number of abortions has decreased by almost 600,000. However, when the developing countries were accounted for, an increase of around 2.8 million abortions was found. Six million abortions were carried out in developed nations in the year 2008 while the developing nations recorded around 38 million abortions in the very same year.

• Half of the world’s abortions are carried out in an unsafe manner with 98 percent of such unsafe abortions being carried out in developing countries alone.

Truth be told, abortion needs to be done only when there’s a necessity. Couples should use contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies rather than thinking what to do after being pregnant.

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