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Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening

11.05.2015 · Posted in Dental

A smile is made more beautiful with white teeth. Any darkening or discolouration of the teeth will make the smile – and the entire appearance – instantly unattractive. Keeping the teeth white and bright can be helped by proper oral hygiene, and by going to regular dental checkups & hygiene treatments. Keeping the natural whiteness ...

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Gummy Smile Solution

08.05.2015 · Posted in Dental, HEALTH FITNESS AND DISEASES

A gummy smile is a condition when more of the gum structure is visible when a person smiles or opens the mouth. This is not normal, as the teeth should take center stage when smiling – more of the teeth should be seen, rather than the gums. A gummy smile can significantly decrease the attractiveness ...

Advantages of Invisible Braces

07.10.2015 · Posted in Dental

Invisible braces are ideal options for adult patients who want to straighten their teeth in secret. Since the parts of invisible braces are virtually unseen by the naked eye, the orthodontic treatment can proceed without other people knowing about it. This type of teeth straightening is very suitable for those who are not comfortable wearing ...

What Causes Worn Teeth

03.12.2015 · Posted in Dental

Worn teeth problems develop when the protective enamel covering of the teeth prematurely becomes thinner and worn away. These problems may seem more of aesthetic in nature, because worn teeth become discoloured in an unattractive way. However, several dental problems can develop if premature tooth erosion is not addressed early. Teeth sensitivity can develop because ...

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Tooth Grinding Triggers

12.16.2014 · Posted in Dental, Health

Teeth grinding is a condition that can cause the development of a number of dental problems. Repetitive grinding of the teeth can prematurely wear down the protective tooth enamel, exposing the sensitive dentine layer and causing teeth sensitivity. The premature erosion of the tooth enamel will also make the teeth more susceptible to tooth decay ...

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3M Clarity Ceramic Braces for Gentle Orthodontics

12.05.2014 · Posted in Dental, Health

A teeth straightening treatment is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of a smile. Even without missing teeth problems, a smile that features crooked teeth can look unhealthy and unattractive. Problems with proper teeth function can be the direct result of crooked teeth, which can also lead to difficulties in maintaining ...

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Common Fears of Nervous Patients

11.13.2014 · Posted in Dental

Dental fear affects countless people worldwide, and is a major cause of neglected oral health. It is important to address this dental anxiety to be able to give the patient a chance to get the proper oral health care, in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Nervous patient care options such as conscious sedation are now ...

Confidence-Boosting Dental Veneers

11.12.2014 · Posted in Dental

Damaged teeth bring down the attractiveness of a smile. Even a slight damage on the appearance of teeth can negatively affect the entire appearance of a person, especially when the mouth is opened or when that person smiles. This results to a decrease in a person’s self confidence, as no one with smile imperfections will ...

Bad Breath Causes and Prevention

08.04.2014 · Posted in Dental, HEALTH FITNESS AND DISEASES

Bad breath is an embarrassing problem that can be prevented with the help of proper oral care practices, as well as professional dental health intervention. A person who has healthy-looking, completely white teeth may still not have the full confidence to interact with other people, knowing that his or her bad breath can turn off ...

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