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Quick Orthodontic Treatment with Six Month Smiles

01.05.2014 · Posted in Dental, Others

Crooked teeth have a negative impact on both the function and the appearance of a smile. Aside from making the smile look awkward and unhealthy, teeth that are improperly aligned can also be difficult to clean – causing dental problems in the long run. Crooked teeth can also affect the way the teeth come into ...

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Nerve Repositioning as Part of Dental Implant Preparation

01.05.2014 · Posted in Dental, Health

A dental implant treatment involves thorough preparation to ensure that the procedure will achieve the desired results, and also to ensure the safety of the patient. A series of diagnostic tests are done before the actual placement of the dental implants to determine the exact location where the implants will be placed, and to see ...

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The Need for a Tooth Extraction

12.14.2013 · Posted in Dental, Health

Dental problems need to be addressed in their early stages to ensure that the issue can be resolved. Problems that are not treated soon enough may lead to complications, which in turn can lead to the loss of natural teeth. When a tooth has suffered such extensive damage that no other treatment can save it, ...

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Common Dental Emergencies

10.18.2013 · Posted in Dental

Dental emergencies need the immediate attention of a dentist. The urgent dental care is necessary to provide immediate and long-lasting pain-relief. It is also important to address a dental emergency in the quickest time possible so that more serious health complications can be avoided. First Aid for Dental Emergencies There are some things that can ...

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6 Month Smiles

09.30.2013 · Posted in Dental, Health, HEALTH FITNESS AND DISEASES

The 6 month smiles system is an adult orthodontics treatment used to move teeth into proper alignment, in a shorter period of time compared to traditional braces. This system uses customised clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to straighten teeth in a comfortable and discreet manner without the presence of very obvious metal wires and brackets ...

Dental Braces for Crooked Teeth in Adults and Children

08.09.2013 · Posted in Dental

Crooked teeth issues cause numerous problems in both the appearance and the function of the teeth. Teeth that are improperly aligned have a negative effect on the appearance of a smile; regardless of how bright the teeth are, the smile will not be truly beautiful if it features teeth that are overlapping, have unsightly spaces, ...

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Treatment for Gummy Smiles

08.08.2013 · Posted in Dental, HEALTH FITNESS AND DISEASES

A gummy smile results when more gum tissue than the teeth are shown when a person smiles; in this case, the smile looks awkward as the teeth become smaller in size when compared to the gum tissue. Regardless of how bright the teeth are, the smile can become less attractive – and can look abnormal ...

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

08.08.2013 · Posted in Dental

A wisdom tooth extraction is needed to deal with problems brought by an impacted wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth are the third and fourth molars, which get impacted when they fail to grow out from under the gums in a normal way. A tooth that gets impacted grows sideways, and rubs painfully against the teeth beside ...

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