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Tips to Fix Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware Mobile Issues

09.12.2015 · Posted in Computer, Software

Since mobile devices are becoming popular, you will require installing strong antimalware programs to keep them threat-free. Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware Mobile is a popular antimalware program that comes with enhanced Internet security and virus removal features to safeguard your computing experience. Read this article to know about some common issues that you may face while using the security program and learn some quick tips to fix the same.

The search for the best antivirus may compel you to go through thousands of free antivirus solutions available online. Finding the best security solution is one of the most time-consuming tasks, but if you’re handy with the features you’re looking for, then your job becomes easy. A lot of software development companies showcase their product’s features on their websites to give a clear insight into the program and its functionalities. Malware removal features and advanced threat detection technologies are the two most common features of any such program. Malwarebytes Free is one of the best free malware removal tools that comes with both of these features to ensure a safer and protected PC experience.

Many a time, the antimalware may experience performance flaws and glitches that might interrupt your regular computing operations. Read below to know about all such issues and learn some quick tips to fix them up:

Issue One: Malwarebytes is Not Compatible With Your Tablet

Sometimes you get an error while installing this security program on your tablets. The error message may state that the app is not compatible with the device. The error is nothing but a result of the Google Play Store’s limitations on Android apps. If you’re also facing the same issue, then you can use the following workaround tips to install version 1.05 on your Android tablets:

1. Launch the ‘Settings’ menu and tap the ‘Security’ button.
2. Change the status of the ‘Unknown Sources’ to ‘On.’
3. Now, try downloading the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile 1.05 APK to your tablet.
4. You will require launching the APK file to install the application on your Android tablet.
5. Once the antimalware gets installed, launch the ‘Settings’ menu again.
6. Tap the ‘Security’ button and change the status of the ‘Unknown Sources’ to ‘Off.’

Issue Two: Unable to Schedule Scans in Antimalware

1. Launch the app and tap the ‘Settings’ button.
2. Tap the ‘Scheduled Updates’ option.
3. Now, locate and change the ‘Update Frequency’ settings to your desired time.
4. Tap ‘OK’ to apply the changes.
5. You will now experience that the scans are running as per your mentioned frequency.

Issue Three: Unable to Disable Notifications in Malwarebytes

1. Launch the app and tap the ‘Settings’ button.
2. Tap the ‘Notifications’ button.
3. Now, uncheck all the boxes corresponding each of the services you don’t wish to get notifications for.

Issue Four: Unable to View Logs in Malwarebytes

1. Launch the app and tap the ‘Settings’ button.
2. Tap the ‘History’ button.
3. Now, tap the particular scan to view more details about the same.

Issue Five: Unable to Zip or Unzip a File

If you’re facing issues while using the app, then you can contact the support team to get instant solutions. Support agents may ask you to zip certain files and send it to them to know the exact cause of the problem. On the other hand, they may send you some files that you will require to unzip before using them. Read the following tips carefully to learn how to zip or unzip files in Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware Mobile:

1. Select the single file you want to zip. You can also hold the ‘Ctrl’ key to select multiple files.
2. Right-click the file or any of the files.
3. Select the ‘Send To’ option from the list that appears.
4. Tap the ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’ option.
5. It will create a new file with ‘.zip’ extension.
6. You can easily select the file and send it to the support agents to give a brief description of the issues you’re facing with the app.

Tips to Unzip a File

1. Right-click the ‘.zip’ file and choose the ‘Extract All…’ option.
2. A dialog showing the location of the unzipped files will appear.
3. Ensure that the ‘Show extracted files when complete’ is checked.
4. Tap the ‘Extract’ button.
5. The files will get unzipped, and the folder will open.


The malware detector can find and block all the malicious codes and infections installed on your device. Its virus removal properties, enhanced Internet security technologies, and smart malware detection features ensure complete safety of the user. Since Android is becoming the most loved platform of malware authors, you will require downloading and installing the best antivirus app to block all such infections in one go. Browse the Google Play Store or search the web to find best free malware removal apps that can safeguard you against malicious codes and threats.