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Tips to Fix the 0x00000050 Error That Occurs After Installing SP 1 in Windows XP

Windows troubleshooting is not a difficult task. However, it will require some special tips to fix the problem. Windows errors may spoil your entire pleasant mood while working during the crucial work hours. “0x00000050” is one of such errors that might pop up on your computer windows screen after installing new ‘Windows XP’ service pack 1. If you are facing the same error on your ‘Windows XP’ machine, then this article will help you to understand the error more and provide you the helpful tips to fix the same.

Symptoms and Causes

You might receive the following error message on your computer screen after installing Windows XP Service Pack 1.


You might face the error if there is any conflict between the ‘Windows XP SP1’ and your system’s display drivers that you have recently installed.


You can fix the problem on your own with the help of below-mentioned guidelines:

1  Restart your machine in ‘Safe Mode.’
2  Remove the ‘Display Adapter.’
3  Then rename the ‘.inf files’ that are associated with ‘Display Adapter’ drivers.
4  Restart your machine in normal mode.
5  Then update your ‘Display Adapter’ drivers.

Read the below-mentioned guidelines that will help you to understand the procedure in detail:

1  Start your computer in ‘Safe Mode.’

a)  Shut down the machine completely and press ‘Restart’ button from the tower.
b)  Tap ‘F8’ key continuously until the Windows logo appear on the screen.
c)  The computer will show you a black screen with some instructions like ‘Windows advance boot option’ or repair your computer.
d)  Highlight the option ‘Safe Mode’ with the help of UP and Down arrow key on the keyboard.
e)  Hit ‘Enter’ on the keyboard.
f)  The computer will start in ‘Safe Mode’.

2   Go to the ‘Start’ button and click ‘Run.’
3   Now type ‘msinfo32’ in the ‘Run’ box and press ‘OK.’
4   ‘System Summary’ window will appear on the screen.
5   Expand the ‘Components’ under the ‘System Summary’ and, then click on ‘Display.’
6   Now write down the information that corresponds to the ‘INF’ file item from the right panel.
7   For Example, “Nv4.inf, Oem0.inf, or Atim128.inf.”
8   Then quit the ‘System Information’ utility completely.
9   Now click ‘Start button.’
10  Go to ‘My Computer’ and right-click on it.
11  Click ‘Properties’.
12  Then click the ‘Hardware tab.’
13  Now click ‘Device Manager.’
14  Expand the ‘Display Adapters’ box.
15  Right-click on the ‘Display Adapter.’
16  Then click ‘Uninstall.’
17  Press ‘OK’ for the confirmation.
18  Now go to the ‘Start’ menu again and click on ‘Run.’
19  Type ‘CMD’ in the ‘Run’ window and press ‘OK.’
20  ‘Command Prompt’ window will appear on the screen.
21  Type the below-mentioned command in ‘CMD’ and hit ‘Enter’ after each command.
“ren %systemroot%\inf\INF file name from Step 5.inf *inf.old”
“ren %systemroot%\inf\INF file name from Step 5.pnf *pnf.old”
22  Close all the open windows completely and restart your computer.
23  Now, log on your computer as an ‘Administrator.’
24  Then let Windows detect the new hardware.
25  Click on ‘Cancel’ when the new found ‘Hardware Wizard’ starts.
26  Now check whether the problem got resolved or not. If it prevails, then you will require restarting your computer again with the help of ‘Last Known Good Configuration Option.’

Follow the steps to go on ‘Last Known Good Configuration Option’:

a)  Restart your machine.
b)  Tab ‘F8’ key continuously when the computer starts.
c)  A black window will appear on the screen with some instruction like repair your computer or ‘Windows advance boot option.’
d)  Highlight the option ‘Last Know Good Configuration’ with the help of ‘UP’ and ‘Down’ arrow key on the keyboard.
e)  Then hit ‘Enter’ on the keyboard.

If your computer shows you the following message when Windows starts, then you have to restart your machine again, and Windows will not show the same message again.

“System Has Recovered from a Serious Error”

Now go online and visit ‘OEMs’ website to download the latest drivers for your ‘Display Adapter.’ Restart your machine after installing the latest drivers. If you are unable to find the right drivers for your ‘Display Adapters,’ then you can seek help from the computer support for online tech support. Experts from computer repair will go ahead and help you to install drivers for you.


“0x00000050” error is one of the most common Windows errors that may appear on your computer screen after installing the Windows XP Service Pack 1. Windows will show you the error if there is any conflict between your ‘Display Drivers’ and ‘Windows XP SP1.’ You might have fixed the problem with the help of above mention guidelines. However, if you are not able to resolve the issue, then it’s better you contact computer support or computer repairs firms for instant tech support.